Gemma and Nicolo talk about their “crisis”


After Men and Women, Gemma and Nicola, were called into question by the persistent rumors about the crisis of their relationship, they decided to finally clarify.

The couple was one of the more talk of the past season of Men and women. A young man 27enne who works in the navy and his strong interest in the lady 70enne; it almost seems like the plot of a movie! A couple who, despite the first criticisms, she seemed ready to spend a happy summer together.

But in the last period there has often been talk of a cooling down in the relationship between the two. Given the continuous insinuations on the end of their knowledge the (almost) couple, achieved by official magazine of Men and Women told i implications of their attendance.

Gemma’s statements


It was supposed that it was Gemma who wanted leave Nicola Vivarelli because he realized that he no longer represented his ideal man. But in the new issue of magazine del dating show the couple readily denied the crisis.

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I haven’t changed my mind and I definitely keep thinking about more positive aspects of this knowledge, opposed heavily by some but also supported and encouraged from others. Time passes and now we live our frequentation no longer under cameras, where you are most exposed to public opinion. Right now there is more possibility to hear and see us with one some serenity. Since the end of the last episode, we are there seen in Rome and we continue to feel “.

These are the words of Gemma, who apparently is still excited to have the chance to meet Nicola out of the program.

What does Sirius think about it

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Also for Nicola the interest towards the woman it is still high. The boy, however, admits some difficulty in relationship, difficulty mainly due to distance. “Before, with the recordings, we had the opportunity to see us often, while they have now taken over logistical difficulties.” dice Sirius.

“Between mutual commitments and living in two different cities. All this leads us to feel the lack each other. ” however explains the young man who says he intends to shorten the above distances as soon as possible.

“I would like to join us to discover other sides of us, to see how we behave in everyday life. Right there everyday a mirror is revealed clever to reveal the ability to be together and the need of ask questions that invite us to reflect”Says the boy, always standing out for elegance with which he chooses the words!

False alarm, then! No crisis for the couple who has held the bench for the past few months of the beloved dating show. And hopefully, as soon as the situation returns completely normal, the two will enjoy the coveted trip to Santorini!

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