GCC wants more clarity from the government about mouth mask obligation


The Groningen City Club (GCC) believes that the government should be clearer about the use and necessity of wearing a mask. According to chairman Eric Bos, there is currently no one-mouthed discussion about a possible mask. “The average Dutchman doesn’t understand it now,” he says at RTV Noord.

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There is a lot of discussion about whether or not to make face masks compulsory in public space. In countries around us, you increasingly have to wear a mask. Opinions are divided in the Netherlands.

Bos is especially surprised at the differences of opinion among various directors. For example, the mayors of Amsterdam and Rotterdam are considering the introduction of a facemask obligation, while Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Safety Regions, says that it makes little sense. The Mayor of Groningen Koen Schuiling also sees nothing in a mask. “How should an average Dutch person know where they stand?” Bos says on TV.

Researchers at RIVM have come to the conclusion that a mouth mask will at least help maintain the one and a half meter standard. With mouth masks, for example, people would be more inclined to keep their distance.

For Eric Bos it is especially important that the usefulness of a mouth mask is carefully investigated. The visit to the city center has decreased by 30 percent, mainly because people from outside the city do not like walking through the center. In surrounding villages, people are more used to taking each other into account. “But we do miss out on income,” says Bos.

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