Garmin services partly online again after ‘Russian’ ransomware attack


Sports and fitness manufacturer Garmin Connect is partly online again after five days, after a ransomware attack that started on Wednesday evening. It is believed to be a WastedLocker ransomware attack managed by a Russian hacker group known as Evil Corp. The FBI awarded $ 5 million last year for the arrest of Evil Corp chief Maksim Yakubets, 32.

Customer service unavailable

Other Garmin services have also suffered from the ransomware attack, such as flyGarmin, an air navigation and route planning service. Portions of Garmin’s website were also offline. The attack prevented millions of cyclists and runners from seeing and recording their data. Professional cyclists also use Garmin a lot.

The company itself has released little about the attack. It only says that it is a major malfunction, so that customer service is not available. Garmin also said that it was unable to receive emails and chats.

$ 10 million ransom

It would be an attack with the WastedLocker ransomware, which would have started at Garmin Taiwan and the attackers reportedly demanded a ransom of $ 10 million. Garmin has not released anything about that itself. WastedLocker is a new kind of ransomware, developed in May by security researchers at Malwarebytes and managed by a hacker group known as Evil Corp. Like other file encryption malware, WastedLockers infects computers and locks the user’s files in exchange for ransom, usually requested in cryptocurrency.

Evil Corp

Evil Corp has a long history of malware and ransomware attacks. The Russian hacker group led by Maksim Yakubets (32) has stolen malware passwords and more than $ 100 million from hundreds of banks over the past decade.


Yakubets, who is still at large, was sued by the US judiciary last year for his alleged involvement in the hackers’ “unimaginable” amount of cyber crime over the past decade. Two other alleged members and leaders of Evil Corp were also charged with their involvement in the ten-year hacking campaign.

In 2019, the FBI, along with British investigative agencies, awarded $ 5 million for information that would lead to Yakubets’ arrest.

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