Garden bonus for retirees? Let’s clarify green bonuses and other incentives


Mrs. Anna T. writes to us in the editorial office:

“I wanted to know if for retirees you can ask for the bonus for making a well in the ground to water plants and a vegetable garden or fruit plants in the garden.”

Is there a retired garden bonus? Green bonus requirements and audience of beneficiaries

As we have seen on several occasions we are talking about green bonuses but, more technically from a tax point of view, it is an Irpef deduction of 36%. We need this clarification to understand the nature and extensibility of retired people too. In fact, the pension is treated as an employee income. Therefore, below the non-capacity threshold, pensions also suffer withholding income tax. So if the reader is referring to the green bonus, we can confirm that it also applies to pensioners.

Garden bonus for pensioners: territorial incentives

It is also true that cultivating the vegetable garden in old age, or taking care of the greenery of the garden, is considered a healthy hobby. There are some Municipalities or Regions that, at a territorial level, recognize some incentives for pensioners who cultivate the vegetable garden. However, there are no such bonuses operating at national level.

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