Ganz in the north: “We are not looking for escalation, we will continue to act against the Iranians”


Tensions in the north – and the new involvement of the defense establishment in the fight against Corona: Tonight (Sunday), Defense Minister Bnei Gantz sent a strong message following the events on the northern borders. The defense establishment recognizes a real threat from Hezbollah following the death of the operative, and Gantz declared during a visit to the Northern Command: The organization – and identify a “tangible threat”.

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“I came to closely examine the IDF’s preparations in the face of tensions, I stood close to the preparations,” he added. “The State of Israel has no interests in Syria or Lebanon, except security interests, and we will continue to insist on our security interests, which include the Iranian non-establishment issue. “Failure to transfer advanced weapons and prevent the establishment of precision capability anywhere in the region, whether in Syria or in Lebanon.”

The Defense Minister (and the Deputy Prime Minister) stated: “The situation in Lebanon and Syria is not good, not economically, not in terms of the Corona, not in terms of their infrastructure, I remind both Lebanon and Syria that they are responsible for what happens in their territory and territory. The State of Israel will demand responsibility. This one. ”

“Hopefully there will be no need to use the high capacity”
Defense Minister Bnei Gantz

Gantz stressed that Israel does not aspire to a confrontation – but does not shy away from it: “We are not looking to carry out unnecessary escalations, but whoever examines us – will encounter a very high capacity for action and I hope we will not have to use it.” Commenting on the death of a Hezbollah operative in an attack on Syria, he said: “We do not care who sends Hezbollah to Syria and what activities it deals with. We worked with the Iranians in Syria. We will continue to act.”

Ganz also referred to the increased involvement of the defense establishment in the fight against the corona: “We did not ask for authority over the corona, we asked for missions – and as far as we can, to support the effort led by the Minister of Health, to assist Project Gamzo.” Ganz clarified: “All possible assistance is given, it is important for the state.”

Ganz visiting the Northern Command

Ganz said: “There are enough people who can, with a brief guidance, advance the epidemiological investigation system and thwart contagion rights. Eventually one should be able to function again within the corona limit. This is so good. ”

Tensions with Syria: The IDF is also preparing for a pre-emptive strike

Gantz’s remarks were made at the end of a visit to the Northern Command and a situation assessment. The discussion was attended by Chief of Staff Major General Aviv Kochavi, Commander of the Northern Command Maj. Gen. Amir Baram, Chief of the Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Tamir Heiman, and Chief of Staff Maj. Broad in Syria and Lebanon.

It is difficult at this stage to know how the situation will develop, and the defense establishment is taking care of a broad deployment – with the intention of thwarting and responding quickly to any action that may occur. At this stage, it is estimated that Hezbollah will operate in a “spot-on” manner.

The citizens who live in the area continue with the routine of their lives, and the guidelines for the home front have not been changed. The defense establishment clarifies that there is no aspiration for escalation, as Ganz said, but there are preparations to deal with such a situation and respond to it with great intensity. The IDF is also preparing for a pre-emptive strike intended to thwart an attack by Hezbollah.

The IDF will continue to operate in Syria, even if Hezbollah members are harmed

Nor will the latest sequence of events deter the IDF from attacking Syria if necessary, regardless of the possibility of harming Hezbollah members in Syria. .

The Ministry of Defense is examining how to stabilize the defense budget in the face of all the events, with battles over the state budget in the background. The cancellation of training in the military has saved money and there is a shift of those budgets to projects that are defined as critical.

A day after the Israeli attack in Syria, cabinet ministers were instructed today to stop commenting on what is happening in the north. The order comes against the background of increased preparedness in the northern sector after the IDF received an indication of the possibility of a Hezbollah attack in the area.

The purpose of the message conveyed to the ministers is to prevent reference to tensions in the north following the Israeli attack in southern Syria in which P.Hezbollah. Last night reported Al-Miyadin, a network close to the terrorist organization, said that Israel had sent a message to Hezbollah warning it of military revenge.

Hezbollah contented itself with accepting the message and stressed that it refused any warnings or threats from Israel. The Lebanese channel also claimed that “Israel did not know of the presence of Hezbollah operative Ali Muhsin at a site attacked in Syria. And she did not intend to kill him. ”

Ali Kamel Muhsin, a Hezbollah operative killed in Syria

Last Friday, around midnight, an IDF spokesman announced that “combat helicopters attacked Assad’s targets in southern Syria in response to gunfire fired at the Golan Heights.” Syrian media reported reports of explosions north of Quneitra, near the village of Hadar, and two wounded soldiers During the attack.

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