Gambian football legend Biri Biri has passed away


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Alhaji Momodo Njie, better known as Biri Biri, is no more. The former Gambian footballer died in Dakar, Senegal on Sunday July 19 at the age of 72. The causes of his death have not been revealed. The one who occupied the post of striker in the 1960s until the end of the 1980s had played in the championships of Gambia, Sierra Leone, England and Denmark, but it is especially in Spain that his name is remained famous. Biri Biri wore the colors of Sevilla FC for five years, leaving his mark in Andalusia with numerous goals. The first group of Sevillian ultras bears his name: Biris Norte. “Legends never die. Legends are honored. They still live in the hearts of the fans, “said Sevilla FC in a video honoring the man who was named the best Gambian footballer of the 20th century.

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