Galicia compel travelers who come from areas with high incidence to communicate their stay


Thursday, July 23, 2020 – 20:02

Galicia obliges its visitors to notify the address and time they will be in the community

All those travelers who arrive in Galicia from areas with a high incidence of Covid-19, whether they are tourists or Galicians who return home, must notify the health authorities and provide details of their stay and a form of contact.

The president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Nez Feijo, announced the measure this Thursday after the weekly meeting of his government and explained that travelers should communicate “on a mandatory basis” their location or address, contact details and time of stay in the community whenever they have been a 14 days minimum in these places both from other points of Espaa as from abroad.

Feijo explained that the objective of the measure is “early diagnosis”, that the health authorities know at all times where are the people who may pose a risk of infection and be “prepared to detect quickly” people who are infected .

It is not “in any case”, according to Feijo, a discriminatory measure based on the origin of the traveler, but affects Galicians or foreigners alike and those who come to the community for leisure or work and will be applied in response to a list of areas of incidence that the Minister of Health de Galicia will publish next week based on objective data. The measure will take effect as soon as this list is published.

Travelers who come from any of the places included in that list will have a period of 24 hours to notify their address in Galicia and, to make it more operational, they will have several ways to do it. Thus, they can provide their data through the specific website enabled by the Xunta during the pandemic or in the telfono 881 00 20 21.

Once the health authorities have these data, if the traveler shows symptoms, they will undergo a PCR test and there will be places of origin where the test will be done directly, even if they are asymptomatic people.

“This has to be done on its own. We think it is good for everyone,” insisted Feijo, who refused, at the moment, to detail which territories will be on that list. It has been advanced that one of the scales that will be used to prepare this map of places of high incidence will be the number of cases in the last 7-14 days.

“Irresponsibility” of the Fuenlabrada

The decision of the Xunta has been precipitated this week by what happened with the Fuenlabrada, who traveled to Galicia last Monday with players infected by coronavirus. Feijo himself referred this Thursday to what happened and value that the football club’s conduct was “irresponsible” and, given its “enormous irresponsibility”, an information file has been opened that “is being supervised” by the legal adviser of the Xunta.

“This is not normal behavior, if there is a positive on Saturday and there are positives on Sunday, and the game is held on Monday, what you cannot do is travel,” said Feijo to the club. public health at risk. ” That trip, maintains the acting Galician president, “should never have occurred” and has generated “enormous disappointment”.

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