Galant: “The school year will open on September 1st, period”


Education Minister Yoav Galant announced today (Monday) that the next school year will open as usual. The Minister announced that the move was made in agreement with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance: “I tell the citizens of the State of Israel, the school year will open on September 1, period.

We have a plan, I sat for long hours with the Minister of Finance, he is convinced of things, he is a partner in the matter. I found partners in the local government and teachers’ organizations, and the prime minister leading the process was convinced.

I intend to bring the plan not in a confused way, not in one update or another, in an orderly fashion. It will be brought before the government, the local government, together with my partners. We will bring this and in my opinion from that moment on, people can work, on September 1, the kindergartens and schools will open, some of them from distance learning. ”

Galant added that he is making a great effort to enable every child in Israel to connect to the distance learning system: “We are working on this in all seriousness. Edge resources, school infrastructure, content so that it can be purchased anywhere, teacher training “We are talking about 2.5 million students and teachers.”

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