Gal Gadot: The message from Jennifer Aniston and why she did not pass it on to friends


In these tumultuous days there is nothing like a little brotherhood and female empowerment to raise morale. In the last day, the Instagram accounts of women around the world have been filled with a new women’s challenge that honors and compliments all the women and good friends in our lives alongside posting a picture in black and white. International star Jennifer Aniston also joined the new trend and challenged all her best friends, including stars Michelle Piper, Jennifer Lopez and Israeli star Gal Gadot.

Aniston wrote that “I do not really understand this matter of ‘challenge accepted, but who does not like that there is a good reason to support women. Thank you to all the beautiful and smart women in my life. We should encourage the women in our lives and love each other.

Gal Gadot also joined the challenge and challenged three women, including the Israeli actress Alona Tal, and wrote: “The challenge was accepted, thank you for having strong and inspiring good-hearted women in my life, one of the greatest gifts. Sending you a big virtual hug.”

Not that we like to stir up mercy, but note that the names of the good Israeli companies, such as Rotem Sela, Yael Goldman, Maya Pepper and Mali Levy, were not on the list of names of the most beloved and powerful women in Gadot’s life.

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