Gafni and HaModi’a against Netanyahu: “This is discrimination; every child is a hungry child”


a a A The grant program of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Israel Katz to give money to every family member for the first, second and third child is causing a stir in the coalition, but not only. The ultra-Orthodox sector, which consists mainly of families with children, did not like the program.

This morning (Sunday) we learned of a combined attack in the newspaper HaModi’a and on the part of the chairman of the Finance Committee, MK Moshe Gafni, against the plan. The “informant” even went so far as to write sharply against Netanyahu and wrote: “Netanyahu, the fourth and fifth child are hungry for bread.”

First to the chairman of the Finance Committee, MK Moshe Gafni, who called on government ministers to vote on the grant plan only if the grant is given differentially and only if each child receives a grant, “every child is a hungry child.”

Statement by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance on the distribution of grants (Photo: GPO)

Gafni wondered after the publication of the plan: “I do not understand why money should be given to rich families? Why not give differential? And why not give according to the number of children? I do understand why they try to prevent it in legislation in the Knesset, because there will be public opinion “.

“Netanyahu, the fourth and fifth child are hungry for bread,” the article in the HaModi’a newspaper informs the prime minister of the decision to pay the new family grant only for the first, second and third children, and not to increase the grant for families with children.

“What did Netanyahu do to the children of the families blessed with children, for whom he has been so harassing for nearly twenty years?”, The author wondered at the beginning of the article, repeating Netanyahu’s tenure as finance minister.

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According to the author of the article, the decision to grant the grant only for the first, second and third child is “a combination of cheap populism that beckons to the secular voter, and knowingly discriminates against the ultra-Orthodox child.”

The article hints that Netanyahu compares himself to the heads of the authorities who are harassing the ultra-Orthodox sector:

“This government, which is responsible during the Corona period for abusing the ultra-Orthodox public with an ill-chosen attitude, enforcement, closures, violence, is doing the same on the bread-eating level.”

“We want to call the child by his name: this is discrimination! And we want to call by the child’s name: give me, the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh child – yes they will multiply (! Even if someone does not like it!), Give too I have a slice of bread, even though I intend to take hands and congratulate the ‘spender’ on it! “, The article reads

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