Gabi Barbash is expected to be appointed the “projector” of the struggle in Corona


Is the “projector” for managing the corona crisis found? After reports over the weekend that the person appointed to the position is Major General Amir Abuaalfia, who ended his position as head of the IDF Planning Division, and he was even interviewed on News 12, it was reported this morning (Sunday) in Here News that Professor Gabi Barbash .

Who will be in charge of the corona?

According to the report, Barbash has received an offer from the Prime Minister’s Office to serve in the position, and now the parties are working to close the details of the agreement.

Barbash, who has been a commentator on News 12 on the Corona issue since the outbreak of the virus, served as director general of Ichilov Hospital for 19 years, between 1992-2015, with a three-year break in which he served as director general of the Ministry of Health. He currently runs a private company and holds a position at the Weizmann Institute.

The report joins the previous report, as stated, according to which the person appointed to the position is Major General Abu al-Afia. Netanyahu and Gantz, who worked on the appointment of the “projector”, have not yet issued an official announcement on the matter, and it now appears that the two will serve in the position at the same time, possibly with the division of powers between them.

In an interview with Radio 103FM, with the opening of the education system, about two months ago, Barbash warned of the renewed outbreak of the virus, which did happen: “It’s very disturbing. The second aspect is the opening of gatherings in banquet halls and pubs, and we know from other places that they can be disastrous.”

The number of people infected with corona in Israel last night was 27,502 active patients, of whom 217 were patients with a severe condition, and 56 were in need of resuscitation.
In all, a total of 400 people died in Israel as a result of the virus.

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