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The air you breathe in the Fiorentina home has become very heavy over the days and the situation does not seem destined to improve. The purple team has collected only one point in the three games played since the resumption of the championship, and in yesterday’s game against Sassuolo showed all the technical and character limits of the group, which seems to have been lost after the lockdown. After this negative line, they all ended up on the defendants’ bench, by the players, who are making significantly below expectations, to Iachini who sent little or nothing to this group, up to the leadership, that when he built the team he didn’t deal with all the variables of the case.COMMISSO- Rocco Commisso, who still cannot return to Italy, is experiencing very complicated hours, made of anger and nervousness. The American president has not digested yet another horrible performance by his boys, he is afraid of being embroiled in the struggle for salvation, which is currently 6 points away, and above all he never wants to repeat a similar season again. If until a few weeks ago there seemed to be a glimmer for Iachini, who with his work could have earned a new season on the pitch on the purple bench, with the passage of time there are no more doubts that the property is firmly convinced to focus on a new profile, and is looking forward to sinking the blow as soon as this season is over.

IACHINI- The Fiorentina manager is in the eye of the hurricane right now, because the results still don’t come, the purple team hardly ever manages to impose itself and is in all respects considered the first culprit of this failure. The victory is missing from the trip to Genoa against Sampdoria, dated 16 February, and from the resumption of the championship, his Fiorentina seemed even uglier than it was before. The faults of the technician are undeniable, starting from the formations up to the management of the changes, but the responsibilities are to be shared with the team, which is not even remotely making up for what the potential is, and a quick change of course will be needed in order not to demolish definitely the good things that have been done previously. There are still 9 games to play, and Iachini, who knows very well that he is not reconfirmed, must save Fiorentina, and then save face with the players.FUTURE- As mentioned, Rocco Commisso’s first concern, now, is to achieve salvation as quickly as possible, and then build a team for the future that never repeats a similar season. The names that gravitate in purple orbit are many, although the first at the top of the list remains Luciano Spalletti, that the Viola have been courting for some time and seem ready to put 4.5 million seasons on the plate for the Certaldo coach. Even the suggestions that lead to Unai Emery and Laurent Blanc, or the tracks that lead to more experienced coaches like Juric or Giampaolo.

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