fundamental evidence and the well hypothesis in Portugal


Maddie McCann for the investigators she died and a few hours ago they were massively launched, searches of the body. The investigations are focusing in Portugal, in the area where the girl disappeared 13 years ago. You search in the wells of the Algarve, circumstance that had never happened and that was possible following the reopening of the case and the suspicions on Christian Brueckner, the German pedophile today 43 years old who would have kidnapped her from the residence while her parents were having dinner. Read also> Coronavirus in Latina, positive for the swab, leaves the hospital and says: “I was in a water park full of people”

As the Daily Mail reports, the Portuguese police are scouring the area of Vila do Bispo, not far from Praia da Luz. An official campaign linked to the latest investigative results, although the parents continue to hope that the girl is still alive. According to the local press, investigators have “fundamental evidence” against Brueckner, but at the moment no traces have emerged from the wells.

“We don’t have the body and no part of it, but we have enough evidence to say that our suspect killed Madeleine McCann,” German Prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters explained days ago. Meanwhile, in a few days, the European Court could accept Brueckner’s lawyers’ appeal for the conviction issued against him in 2019. His lawyers complain to the German police that he had extradited him for a drug conviction and then tried for another crime.

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