Ftse Mib tonic, but risks lurking. ENI and Saipem to buy?


Below is an interview with Enrico Malverti, president of Fintech4i, with questions about the Ftse Mib index and some blue chips.

The Ftse Mib is showing an uncertain trend, with a movement in the trading range. What are the expectations for the next sessions?

Equity markets are congesting in an ever lower range and this is a harbinger of a forthcoming explosion of volatility.

From which side, if bullish or bearish the markets will awaken, it is not easy to say, but the antennas must be kept straight because, given the descending peaks of the last two weeks, the risk is that the Ftse Mib may suddenly go down.

The exception is the situation of the Nasdaq, which is always very perky, more than any other stock index.

What can you tell us about the recent performance of Banco BPM and Ubi Banca and what strategies can you suggest for both?

Banco BPM has seen and revised the same prices several times since mid-June. The lateral trend of the title is unequivocal. Support at 1.27 euros and resistance at 1.42 euros should be monitored.

The technical situation of Ubi Banca is more interesting. Note the support at 2.76 euros, with a possible target of 3 euros.

Given the current oil prices, what operational indications can you give us for two oil stocks such as ENI and Saipem?

ENI and Saipem are going through a stalemate. In the medium term, I think they can both go back to their respective annual highs.

The decisive supports are € 7.90 for Eni and € 2.05 for Saipem.

How do you evaluate the recent movements of Azimut and FinecoBank and what levels to keep an eye on in the short term?

Of the two themes of savings managed by you, FinecoBank I think is the most interesting to monitor, since it is better set technically.

The trend is bullish and only a yield of 11.20 euros could compromise it in the short term.

Azimut’s situation is more fluctuating, but as long as the stock remains above € 14.70, the chances of returning to the highs of the quarter remain intact.

What are the stocks that you are following closely in this market phase? Which do you recommend looking at now?

There are some titles that are worth following such as Nexi, FinecoBank, Ferrari, Diasorin, Banca Generali, Mutuinonline and Amplifon.

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