Ftse Mib: the titles to follow. Two capital increases are underway


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Ftse Mib
Expert System
Banca Intermobiliare

The titles and themes that could help animate today’s session on international financial markets.

Oil: closing higher last Friday for black gold prices which rose by 2.3% to $ 40.55.

Wall Street: positive conclusion last Friday for the American stock market where the Dow Jones and the S & p500 rose by 1.44% and 1.05% respectively, while the Nasdaq Composite stopped at 10,617.44 points, in progress 0.66%.

US macro and corporate data

Macro Data and US Events: no major macro updates are scheduled for today in America, where a speech by John Williams, president of the New York Fed is on the agenda.

US Quarterly Results: PepsiCo to follow which, before the opening of Wall Street, will present the results of the second quarter from which it is expected a earnings per share of $ 1.25.

Macro data and events in Europe

Macro data and events in Europe: significant macro data will not be released today and the meeting between Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is noteworthy.

To be followed in Germany the auction of government securities with expiration October 2020 and April 2021 for a maximum amount of 4 billion euro for each security.

The titles and topics to follow in Piazza Affari

Corporate results in Piazza Affari: Farmaè presents today the data relating to revenues and the main management indicators referring to the second quarter of the current year.

Capital increases in Piazza Affari: today the capital increase of Banca Intermobiliare which will be realized through the offer of a maximum of 943,386,381 ordinary shares in the ratio of 23 new shares for every 17 owned, at the unit price of 0.039 EUR.

The transaction will end on July 28 and the rights relating to the capital increase will be listed until July 22.

The capital increase of Expert Systems, which will offer up to a maximum of 2,937,655 ordinary shares in the ratio of one new every 14 owned at the unit price of 2.7 euros, is also underway.

Also in this case the capital increase will end on July 28, while the rights will be listed until July 22.

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