From the media to Inzaghi: everyone loses, except Juve and Atalanta


The weekend, yet another, in which many, almost all, but not Juve lost.

Who suffers, struggles, in the first half is locked in his own half with 30 percent of possession of the ball by a brilliant team in splendid shape, goes under, recovers, risks taking goals from Malinovsky, to do it with Ronaldo but all he is only postponed, because he goes under ten minutes with Malinvosky’s goal, pours forward and draws with Ronaldo’s second penalty.

The game should close forever the disputes between Juventus fans (and that there are diatribes, even furious, during such a cycle, well explains the absurdity of the period we are living in), risultatisti e belgiochisti, sarristi and allegriani, because I think that during the game we were all black in the mood and in the end, here is what matters the result, there was a collective “fiuuu”, without distinction of category, which definitely improved our evening and especially of those who were with we.

And be clear, not only is there a lot to do to grow (a lot) and the game has not been won, but the championship is far from over (now we go to Sassuolo, then Lazio and so on), as several observers would have us believe not really happy with a possible ninth title of the same team. That one, then.

Atalanta was great, Juve held up and reacted. There, in those ninety minutes, nobody lost.

For the rest, total débâcle, usual disaster of the context in which Juve has been used to playing for ten (better, a few dozen) years.

They all lost, it was said, and the first to lose was Simone Inzaghi, author of an extraordinary and suddenly complaining year beforehand with the referees, after a season in which, but yes, let’s hold tight, with them he has no great reason to be dissatisfied. Then he plays his Lazio against a Sassuolo devoid of almost all the owners: “Scansuolo!”, The usual suspects would say, convinced that there are teams eager to give away games here and there.

It is not enough. Because after a few minutes his opponents a goal is canceled, with the Where, inexplicably; the biancazzurri score and therefore, according to the common vulgarity of this mediocre context, with arbitration error in favor and subsequent advantage, the game should be closed.

If the opponents line up the reserves, get a gift and then go ahead, “at that point it’s over, the opponents have dodged and the game has been directed by the referee: they explained it to us like this, our tragic (not all, of course) media dealing with football, which still attribute the first wonderful title of this legendary cycle to an error of the race director more than days after the end, conquered strameritamente, without a defeat in all the championship.

But no, because besides being partisan and poisonous they are also unfortunate, and here the first rival of Juventus, after the oversight in favor, catches the tie and loses at the last minute, thus denying, in one time, thirty years of crazy controversies that have reduced the discussions on this sport to the tragic slow motion that we know well.

But the best, alas, has yet to come, because, after a thousand penalties for Juventus handballs because “there is the new rule, you have to defend with your hands very attached or behind your back, haven’t you learned yet?, obviously said with the smile of those who are enjoying it, here, the two penalties for Juve arrive, both with wide arms and, according to the rule, precisely, without discussion.

Go away with the smiles, then, room for dark tones, discussions in post-match sports programs on the meaning of the regulation. Forget those desperate people on Twitter, with their badges by chance, who throw up the usual follies. Let’s limit ourselves to traditional media: space in Garlando on the Gazzetta dello Sport, for which “by regulation maybe there were, however …”, Without continuing that though. Maybe. However.

Space for Mario Sconcerti. In a memorable article that claims to be the cover of all the media pearls read in recent decades on the topic, he writes that “there is no kick in that penalty. And even if they were new rules, they have no nobility to become justice“. Explain that “justice, even when it is correct, just to be fair, is never a simple application“. And be careful, because the best has to come, because apparently “it’s a game destined to become like that of Turone’s goal canceled, like that of Muntari’s goal that Galliani still keeps as a call on his cell phone“. It is also the article, therefore, that will probably give birth to the return of my books (but only if you win the championship, of course). For two clean penalties, eh, sometimes it’s okay to repeat it.

And here we are talking about the one recognized as the dean of sports journalists, the impartial ones, those who take it out on social poisons, those who have “the badge“, I’m not”fans like you “.

And forget about the deputy director of Raisport, which arrives under my tweet in which I recognize the merits of the opponent, I take it with the slow moving poisons and I recognize the importance of the point conquered, to explain to me that the Juventus fan must not be happy and relaxed, in fact, must be dissatisfied , angry, just like him. Obviously we will never be like this, and few things explain these times better than Varriale deputy director of Raisport who explains to us how we should do the fans.

I’d say that’s all.

Indeed no, because there are eleven points left to do, and suffering in this way there is nothing obvious.

The quarrels remain between Juventus players, between ultrà of one coach and the other, without understanding that our enemies are certainly not called Sarri or Allegri, who for us have tried or are trying to do their best: there is an endless list , if you want I will provide it.

Above all, there remains a championship to be won. For a thousand more articles by Sconcerti on the rules not to be applied and unfair justice when it is up to us. A thousand other tweets from Varriale explaining how a Juventus player should think.

And for us, who are not realizing today, but in the future yes and then we will laugh, yes, we will laugh at all this, and we will never stop.


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