from GDP to industrial production, this is what is happening in London


United Kingdom: May GDP it recorded a variation of + 1.8% which was compared with expectations at -5.5% and with the previous decrease of 20.4%, as can be seen in our Economic Calendar.

The industrial productioninstead, it recorded a + 6% on a short-term basis and a -20% on an annual basis (from the previous -20.3% and -24.4%) while the manufacturing it has shown two respective + 8.4% and -22.8% (from the previous -24.3% and -28.5%).

The balance of the trade balance lastly, the United Kingdom improved from -7.49 billion to -2.81 billion (consensus at -8.1 billion).

The macroeconomic data released today showed how the British economy is doing trying to recover compared to the last few months.

At the same time however the May surveys confirmed that to definitely overcome the devastating impact of the coronavirus and going back to pre-crisis levels will still take some time. It will not be easy, neither for London but for the rest of the world.

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