From Bonino to Mogherini: the traitors of the marines now get on the cart


It is easy to get on the winner’s chariot after 8 years of judicial odyssey by the two marines, Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre. Former ministers and even a NATO ambassador to Afghanistan make themselves beautiful by explaining that they have unlocked the situation, but this is not the case. Emma Bonino, Foreign Minister of the Letta government has self-assumed the authorship of the use of international arbitration, which has led to the recognition of Italian jurisdiction. “I always thought it was necessary to follow this path,” he told Corriere della Sera.

Apart from the fact that the first to launch the arbitration at the beginning of 2013, it was then Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi, later “betrayed” by Prime Minister Mario Monti who sent the marines back to India. Bonino does not remember that precisely with his conduct of the Farnesina, the suicide path imposed by the Indians of the trial at their home continued. In November 2013, the minister candidly declared: “Now the Delhi prosecutor must close the investigation file, get to the charge and then the trial opens.” To such an extent that the newspaper went to the assault asking for a change, that is, to beat the fists on the table and among the various possible alternatives, it was the international arbitration. Bonino had indirectly replied: “I never understood exactly what it means” to slam my fists on the table.

Earlier, in October 2013, in an unfortunate clarification by his staff, along the way of the proceeding in India, he claimed that “guilt is not ascertained and innocence is not ascertained (of the marines, editor’s note). The processes are useful for this ».

Giulio Terzi confirms to the newspaper that “the arbitration ended in nothing for two years with Bonino for Foreign Affairs and initially Mogherini in the Renzi government. They aimed at who knows what solution with the Indians through the secret services ». At the time it was even presented as a “secret diplomacy”, which never led to anything. Eventually Renzi also understood that the only way was arbitration, which finally started in 2015.

Another shameless former minister, who jumps on the winner’s cart, is Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola. “Great satisfaction for the opinion expressed by the Hague Tribunal, after eight years of waiting, suffering and sacrifice on the part of the two Navy riflemen,” said Di Paola, defense minister of the Monti government. Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo gave him help from Kabul, where he is High Civilian Representative for NATO. According to the diplomat, the result of the sentence clearly indicates the position “that we had obtained since the time of Minister Di Paola or that Italy had jurisdiction and for which we fought”. Back then Pontecorvo was a diplomatic defense adviser.

“The idea of ​​arbitration had been proposed from the beginning by the professor of Luiss, Angela Del Vecchio and left with me at the beginning of 2013 keeping the marines in Italy,” says Terzi. At first Di Paola supported him, but then Monti betrayed the marines by sending them back to India. Terzi resigned in protest, but Di Paola immediately distanced herself by defending the government with a cloying classroom speech. And he didn’t let go of the armchair. The result is that it took over two years to reach arbitration.

Not only that: Di Paola now disputes the compensation to victims imposed on Italy by the arbitral tribunal. It was forgotten that it was he who advocated in April 2012 “an act of donation, generosity, ex gratia” of 146 thousand euros to each family of the two Indian fishermen killed on the high seas.

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