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From the parts of Giuseppe Conte the confirmations of the “secret” meeting between did not take well Luigi Di Maio e Mario Draghi. At Palazzo Chigi there was talk of “friendly fire”. because it is undeniable as a voice of that weight, on the eve of the September of fire that awaits the premier between regional elections and management of the possible second wave of coronavirus complete with economic crisis destined to explode, it can only be translated into one consequence: mistrust and fall.

With the crisis, you ... Conte like it? His government is not: the tomb survey

Che Draghi, former number one of the ECB, is the favorite personality to succeed Conte at the helm of an enlarged majority, perhaps an institutional government well received by theEurope, it has long been known. The real question is another: who has had an interest in spreading the news of the face to face with Di Maio that should have remained, in fact, secret? The occult leader of the 5 star movement? More than likely, since Di Maio has been taking advantage of the since Foreign Minister Farnesina essentially to revive their personal ambitions and keep the climb to Palazzo Chigi warm, when more propitious moments will arrive. Not surprisingly, he suggests the newspaper, “among the many confidential meetings held in recent weeks by Draghi with various political leaders, the one with Di Maio – which dates back to June 24 – he was the only one to bounce off the media. “This mosaic tile must be added to the opening of Romano Prodi a Silvio Berlusconi. All sworn enemies, until some time ago, united by a common interest: to make shoes to Giuseppi.

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