Free up your Android smartphone memory without losing data and images


Free up the memory of your Android smartphone without losing data and images. It’s possible?

The answer is yes, but the space that you will gain will be limited. However, it is good to do it because

freeing up space will help your phone run better faster.

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You can accorgerti immediately if memory is full. If it is really at the limit you will receive a notification. Otherwise go to “settings”, then “storage & usb” and the status of the internal archive and that of the SD card will appear, if you have one.

How to clear your cache to save space

Go back to “settings” and then choose “applications”. Select each application and then “archive”. Depending on the Android version, the denominations may change slightly, but it should still be understandable.

At this point press “Clear cache”. Do not choose “Erase Data” unless you want to also remove settings and account details. If you delete the data when you reopen the application you will need to log back in with username and password and you may miss, such as chat conversations.

What do you get with this method?

The cache is a fast memory that the device uses to manage application data faster. Periodically emptying it will not create problems, but will free up space.

Especially some applications accumulate many KB of cache. For example the Google Chrome browser, or some social networks. Do it with all applications and then go back to “storage & usb”. You should notice a difference!

Alternatively, you can install an app dedicated to clean up cache and temporary data for all applications at once. These “cleaning apps” are useful, but not essential.

Freeing the memory manually as we have seen is a long process, but it has two advantages. The first is that you control what you are deleting and how much space is actually occupied by this data. The second is that there is no need to install an additional app that will inevitably take up memory.

Free up the memory of your Android smartphone without losing data and images. Other solutions?

The other solutions to free up space include backups to the cloud, such as Google Drive, or the uninstallation of underused apps. In other cases, they require some computer skills.

Do you want to stay on something simple and manageable without being very familiar with technology? You have two options to free your smartphone’s storage without losing data and images that you need or that you’re fond of:

  • insert an SD card to transfer files and applications, freeing up valuable space on the internal archive;
  • clear the browser history and cookies by starting the app and choosing this action from the menu.

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