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“This is not my Milan, if things stay that way I don’t know if I stay”. Farewell phrases, empty of rhetoric and full of sincerity. The signature is that of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who without turns of words put the AC Milan club back against the wall. If the situation doesn’t change, Ibra will say goodbye. The recent statements, dictated by the ever closer agreement with the future coach Rangnick, are only the last straw that has overflowed the jar. Because for months, around the Rossoneri world, it had been understood that the bond with Zlatan would hardly continue. YOU ARROW – A concept, that of the difference with the past, expressed too many times. Starting from the last October: at the beginning of the month, in an interview with GQ, Ibra said: “The old company was great. Galliani was very good for me, a fantastic manager. He did everything for the team.” Increased dose a few days later, when a The Gazzetta dello Sport ruled: “Milan is a disaster: many words, few facts. This is not the club that everyone has fallen in love with, in Italy and worldwide. Maybe today there are wrong people who should be somewhere else“.

CHANGES AND INSTABILITY – Frecciate that come back overwhelmingly topical these days. Boban and Maldini’s call arrives in December: Ibra says yes, moved by his passion for football, by the good memories that bind him to Milan and attracted by a level stage for the last dance of his career. The start is quite positive: the goal in Cagliari, the goal in the derby and those against Turin and Genoa, even if his Milan struggles to take off. Then here’s the stop dictated by Covid, an emergency that leads Ibra to return to his Sweden. Here he takes advantage of Hammarby, the club he holds the odds of, to train and stay in shape. It is from there that, at the dawn of April, he declares: “Future? I don’t know, something new happens every day. “A shadow of doubt that underlines once again the many changes in the Rossoneri’s house. Among all, stands the farewell of Zvone Boban, his main sponsor in the return to Milan.

CRYPTIC – At 38, the Ibra character does not go dark. Indeed, it remains the favorite of the limelight. Zlatan takes advantage of this, keeping everyone on tap with cryptic and mysterious messages. On April 24, from Sweden, he adds: “I have a contract with Milan and we will see how it ends there, if it ends“, while a couple of weeks later, from Milanello, it thunders:”Now you know what it’s like to play with a winner. Either you like it or you don’t like it. And if you don’t like it, then don’t play“.

FACE TO FACE – More or less direct recipients. Above all, there is that Ivan Gazidis criticized already months earlier and with whom he is the protagonist of a face-to-face full of tension and tension. A month ago, on June 10, the CEO went to Milanello for a discussion with the team on the salary issue. Ibra speaks, raises his voice, makes himself heard, asking for light on the future of the team and the company. And today, a Sports week, reveals: “Only 10% of what happened” came out. Clutches, difference of views, arrows: Milan does not call him, Ibra has decided his future. Far from that club that has become too different from the past.

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