Francesco Bellomo under house arrest. Girls’ testimonies: “Every time I relive that anxiety”


Francesco Bellomo, the former judge of the Council of State who asked his students to wear miniskirts and stiletto heels, is under house arrest again almost a year after the first arrest. This was decided by the Bari Review Court, called to reevaluate its precautionary situation after the Court of Cassation, last January, had postponed the order of 29 July 2019 revoking the house arrest, ordering the alternative measure of interdiction for 12 months. The girls, writes Corriere della Sera, says: “It brought me back three years. It is not easy, “she confided to a friend, explaining how” every time there is news about the investigation I find myself fighting with my rational and emotional part. The rational one is happy. The other instead makes me fall back into a state of anxiety. ”

The Prosecutor had appealed and the Supreme Court had given her reason, defining the conduct of the former Councilor of State “detrimental to human dignity”. Then also the Bari judges of the Court of Liberty believed that Bellomo should return to pre-trial detention pending the preliminary hearing, for the indictment requested by the deputy prosecutor Roberto Rossi and the substitute Daniela Chimienti, who coordinated the investigations.

Bellomo was arrested on July 8, 2019 and spent 20 days under house arrest, then almost a year free but interdicted and is now detained again.
The story is that of the alleged cases of abuse of four women, three former fellows and a researcher from her Training School for the preparation for the competition in the judiciary ‘Law and Science’, and of an alleged extortion to another former student for having forced her to quit her job at a local station.

The judges of the Review also confirmed the requalification of the crimes contested by mistreatment in competition in attempted aggravated private violence and stalking, and from extortion to private violence.

Bellomo, however, risks the trial for the crimes originally disputed of mistreatment, extortion and also of slander and threat towards the current Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, at the time vice-president of the presidential council of Administrative Justice, and Concetta Plantamura , respectively former president and former member of the disciplinary commission called to pronounce on Bellomo when, in 2017, he was subjected to disciplinary proceedings and then dismissed.

In the records of the investigation there are the declarations of the women, who described the ‘dress code’ as a “sexual slavery contract” and told of “trainings” that would consist of “speed tests” at 200 km per hour on board a Ferrari or “walking in bad areas”. Furthermore, from the “chosen” women, Bellomo would have demanded that they did not marry and did not frequent “unlucky” men, going so far as to check and sanction their Facebook profiles.
For the alleged mistreatment, the Bari prosecutor has requested the indictment also for the former prosecutor of Rovigo Davide Nalin, while the Bari lawyer Andrea Irno Consalvo, organizer of the courses within the School, is accused of false information to the pm . When Consalvo was called to make statements in the context of this investigation he allegedly “kept silent – according to the Prosecutor’s Office – as far as he is aware” of the relations between Bellomo and the students.

Il Corriere della Sera tells the testimonies in detail:

For many it went like this. Bellomo went from teaching to a “sentimental” relationship. Then came the “control, the imposition, the denigration, the offense of dignity and dignity”, the claim of “behaviors of absolute dedication” the control of social networks in fear of relationships with others. Even a waxing at 18:45 unsuspecting Bellomo: “It is done when you show your legs, which would have happened in 9 days,” he complains to a girl. In the didactic-love relationship there was room for moral blackmail: «It is not normal for you to return at midnight the day before your first hearing. I will no longer authorize evening outings. While I was waiting for you to show up, I injured my breastplate. This means having an animal by your side. You are. It is proof of your sick DNA ».

It was impossible to come out unscathed. A girl confides to a friend that she had signed “a sexual slavery contract” and was punished for violating one of the terms. The punishment was to end up in the School’s “scientific” magazine where “intimate details about private life” were published. And the fellow says, “I’m terrified of the reaction … they’re scaring me … they don’t want to let me go.” Then there was the photo request. A fellow scholar reports to a friend: “I was ashamed of those photos that I was forced to put on Facebook I sucked by myself I felt I was being put up for sale”.

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