France to tighten cigarette purchase in Italy. And the League protests


The background is that of Ventimiglia. But this time it is not migrants that trigger the new controversy between Italians and French, but cigarettes. Yes, because in transalpine land, blondes cost almost double that from us and so for years, the French smokers who live on the border with Liguria have taken the habit of making a periodic visit to tobacconists across the border to buy cheap cigarette sticks. A business for Ventimiglia that risks being curbed by a bill, which has already obtained a first OK from the Paris Assembly and which aims to reduce the maximum quantity of ribs that can be purchased across the border from 4 to 1. Beyond which the complaint for smuggling is triggered.

The tobacconists of Ventimiglia, of course, are not there. And the League immediately spoke of their discontent by presenting a question to the European Commission. According to Giovanni Risso, national president of the Federation of tobacconists, in fact, “there is a law in Europe that states that four cartons of cigarettes per person can be brought across borders – a Sanremonews – It is not clear why the French should do otherwise. Then even Italy could do the same thing to defend itself from countries like Slovenia, at the border of which the exact opposite of what happens in Ventimiglia takes place “.

If the amendment proposed to the French National Assembly were definitively approved, explains Risso, “the cigarettes that can be carried across the border per person would decrease from four to a carton, cigarillos from 400 to 100, cigars from 200 to 50 and shredded tobaccos would drop from one kilo to 230 grams. ”To be honest, the measure would not only affect Italy: Luxembourg, on the north-eastern border of France, is also a land of advantageous purchases, not only for cigarettes.

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The League has announced a question to the European Commission to ask to block France from its intentions: “France penalizes Italian tobacconists with an unacceptable choice, is this the revival of the internal market of which Europe speaks? – reads a note by Marco Campomenosi, head of the Lega delegation to the European Parliament – The amendment primarily affects Italy and both our tobacconists are at the expense – starting with those of Ventimiglia and the border, in great difficulty after the collapse of the turnover in the lockdown period – which the entire commercial activities generated by the influx of foreign customers. Just in recent months, both the EU institutions and the current German presidency have declared that the revival of the European economy must start from the recovery of the internal market: this choice is the exact opposite “, he concludes.

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