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With the Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Epic Games developers have introduced a new game weapon, the pressure pump shotgun. The tool is not having an easy life, neither among casual players nor among pro players, who in large numbers refuse to use it. But for what reason?

Now, each new Fortnite weapon needs a certain period of time before it is truly appreciated by a number of loyal players, who soon learn to make the most of its potential. In this way, each new tool contributes to enriching the “goal” of Epic Games’ Battle Royale. But the condition of the pressure pump shotgun is very particular ei players refuse to use it.

In fact it is the first weapon ever, since the launch of Fortnite Battaglia Reale, to need one charge before going into action. The pressure pump shotgun is different from any other pump or tactical shotgun: first you load the shot for a certain period, then you make the actual attack. And therefore the conditions in battle they change in turn.

So there are three reasons because of which the sniper rifle is not loved by the players. The first: the “winding” nature of the weapon in question, which makes it impractical for lightning, close, dynamic combat. You must first load the shot: but on the battlefield there is often no time, nor are there precious seconds to sacrifice. The second reason: the pressure pump shotgun is not early to be swapped quickly with other weapons in the inventory. For example: the tactical pump-action shotgun lends itself well to immediate exchanges with submachine guns or assault rifles, so as to immediately finish the enemy. The pressure pump shotgun has its time, decidedly longer.

Finally, it is a risky weapon for a third reason: the enemy has plenty of time to thwart attacks, thanks to the modification of its structures (editing), which would have a much more limited impact, instead, dealing with weapons in able to fire immediately. However, the situation in the future could change, indeed it is likely that it will really do: just decrease the charging time, or speed up some other aspect. We will keep you updated: for the moment, from the community, the general opinion seems to coincide with a dry “no”.

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