Former tronista Daniel Menjibar stabbed to death at the age of 31


Daniel Menjibar, protagonist of the 2010 Spanish edition of Men and women, was killed in Valencia by a cutting weapon, which hit him repeatedly during a fight outside a disco.

To report the news was, which reported that the boy (only 31 years old) was stabbed twice losing his life before the arrival of the rescue, who could not help but see his death.

“According to the first reconstructions, the boy was allegedly stabbed on the night of Saturday 11 July, around 4:30 in the morning, at the exit of a disco, near the Torrent’s Las Américas shopping center, not far from Valencia. A heated discussion resulted in a fight, which would have cost the former competitor of the program two injuries caused by a cutting weapon. Despite the timely arrival of relief, Daniel Menjíbar would have died on the spot. The Spanish police and local Torrent institutions are investigating the case, while four people have already been arrested for allegedly dealing with the boy. They are two adults, in prison, and two 16 year old twins, taken to a center for minors. According to witnesses, the group allegedly accused the former tronista of annoying some customers. They would chase him, beat him, then stab him. The police are now investigating to find out which one of them fired the blow. “

To announce his death was the portal of Telecinco.

“Dani Menjíbar, a 31-year-old young man and former competitor of the Mujeres y Hombres program, died at the hands of four young men who stabbed him several times. The boy died on the spot after receiving two stab wounds: there are already four arrests, including two minors. The two adults arrested for their alleged involvement in the deadly stab of Dani Menjíbar, a former competitor of Mujeres y Hombres, will enter prison; while for the two 16-year-old arrested, admission to a center for minors was decided ”.

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