Former Julis council chairman Salman Amer has been convicted of murder


The Haifa District Court (before a panel that includes President Ron Shapira, Avraham Elyakim, Tamar Neot Perry) today (Tuesday) convicted defendant Salman Amer – former head of the Julis Council, for the murder of the late Munir Nabuani.

The facts of the indictment show that on September 5, 2016, at 08:36, the defendant arrived at the parking lot of the council building while driving his vehicle, and parked the vehicle when he was in front of the council building. Very shortly thereafter, the deceased arrived at the scene, and parked his vehicle behind the defendant’s vehicle. While the defendant was sitting in his vehicle, the deceased got out of his vehicle, turned to the defendant in things, went to the trunk, took out a wooden stick about a meter long, and approached him shouting that he should die and attacked the defendant’s vehicle with the stick.

At this point, one of the council employees arrived, noticing the actions of the deceased, in order to prevent a confrontation between the two. Despite this, the defendant fired at the deceased a number of short-range shots in his upper body and head. It further appears that even after the stick was dropped from the deceased’s hand, and despite an employee’s attempt to fend off the defendant and prevent further shooting, the defendant approached the deceased and continued to shoot his upper body and head until he died. In all, the defendant fired seven bullets at the deceased, which hit his upper body and head.

The Haifa District Court ruled that the former council chief was guilty of murdering Munir Nabuani at the entrance to the council building in September 2016. Amer shot him after he ran towards him with a stick, but continued firing even after he fell to the floor and the stick fell from his hand.

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The outraged Salman told the media as he left the courtroom that “I am sure I am entitled” and attacked the court: “The judges marked me from day one for their reasons. Their right. Everyone knows how to act accordingly. No one is above the law, not even judges though they think so. “.

Salman’s attorneys, Dror Arad Ayalon and Eddie Avinoam, said in court that “the result is disappointing, there is nothing to say. Salman Amer claimed that he acted in self-defense, and therefore there was room to win him. The court did not accept his position, that is a fact. We will study it, I suppose we will have something to say after we study it. We also have an argument for punishment. “Claims have been made regarding the sentence. It must be estimated with a very high probability that an appeal will also be filed against this verdict in due course. The time is after the sentence is handed down.”

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