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Communicate correctly to cure. It is the cornerstone of the new initiative launched in the emergency rooms of the hospitals of the City of Health in Turin, where the “multilingual triage cards” will debut in the coming days. Objective: to encourage dialogue between health professionals and foreign citizens, which is constantly increasing, with a view to better communication, understanding and above all diagnosis.

New solution
It is above all the answer to a difficulty. Often, emergency room triage nurses find it difficult to deal with a user who does not speak Italian. Online mobile translators or paper phrases help but do not solve: time is always too little, the urgency requires promptness and precision. Hence the activation of a working group – coordinated by Dr. Mario Caserta (URP projects area), composed of a nurse from every emergency room (Daniela Camerano for Molinette, Elisa Lazzeri for the Cto, Ilaria Bergese for Regina Margherita, Chiara Ferrari for Sant’Anna) and supported by the experts of the Training and Triage Group (Silvia Ambrosio and Daniele Marchisio) – to develop a tool that can facilitate communication between nurses and foreign patients during triage by defining the priority code on basis of coded questions posed in a chained way. All in collaboration with the company’s cultural mediators.

Questions and answers
The result is a set of 6 cards for now in English, Arabic, Chinese, Albanian and Romanian (although the ones in Spanish, French and Russian are being translated). The first refers to a series of specific questions, each of which presupposes an answer that the user can directly indicate: where do you have pain ?, how bad have you been, how long? To the first tab, the general one, there are 5 more: one for the main symptom or event; the others, divided by anatomical district, report the questions to be indicated to the patient so that the patient can read the translation in their own language. In the next few days, experimentation will start at the Molinette emergency room (under the supervision of Dr. Franco Riccardini and Dr. Pietro Tuttolomondo) and the Cto: Regina Margherita will follow, with pediatric records, and Sant’Anna, with obstetric records. gynecological.


Some data, to make the situation and the urgency of the new initiative, with reference to the accesses in 2019: 65,678 (of which 12.65% foreigners) to the Molinette; 430.35 (9.30% foreigners) to the CTO; 35,040 (19.83% foreigners) to Regina Margherita; and 16,105 (25.70% foreigners) at Sant’Anna. Then the nationalities that have had the most access. Romania with 2,886 (3.84%), Morocco with 1,209 (1.61%), Albania with 806, Peru with 588, Egypt with 416, China with 305 in Molinette. Romania with Regina. with 2,793 (6.39%), Morocco with 1,274 (2.91%), Egypt with 607, Albania with 600, Peru with 567, China with 449. At Sant’Anna Romania with 1,542 (7.11%), Morocco with 772 (3.56%), Nigeria with 431, Peru with 408, Albania with 323. At CTO Romania with 1,492 (3.14%), Morocco with 574 (1.21%), Albania with 320. Following all the other nationalities.

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