Ford Approved, the used safe and guaranteed, here’s how to choose your car


Changing cars is a necessity that unfortunately, however, not everyone in Italy can afford, or at least not by addressing the purchase of new cars. In our country, in fact, the purchase of used cars is still very flourishing, and with Ford Approved it could be even more, given how much accuracy the company has poured into this initiative.

Ford Approved, for used warranty

A used warranty with Ford Approved, and already because the goal is to offer even to those who buy auto used the same standards offered by those who buy new cars. Of course, to allow the proposal to satisfy this request, there are conditions. It is therefore a perfect used car, with less than five years of life and maximum mileage of 120,000 km. And of course we are talking about Euro 6.

But that’s not all, because in addition to these rbasic requirements that the used car in question must have, then there are many other checks that are carried out on it. 75 areas of intervention to which the car is subjected, and range from electrical parts to bodywork. Included in the purchase of the car there is also a roadside assistance service active 24 hours a day.

The Approved warranty proposal is summarized on the website:

Certified and sanitized cars
Less than 5 years of life
Not more than 120,000 km
36 months warranty
1 year of roadside assistance 24h / 24
75 careful checks
Customized Ford Credit financing

In addition, on the site you can find the used car suitable for your needs by entering the distance in kilometers from your location. It will be possible to pay in installments using funding customized through Ford Credit with the Ford Idea Used formula.

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