“For now I will stay in the Eredivisie. I can’t dream if I read something like that”


Gyrano Kerk has received the transfer rumors and therefore knows that he is mentioned at clubs from England and Germany. But as long as nothing is concrete, he focuses on FC Utrecht.

Kerk is said to be on the list of English and German clubs. “The Premier League is a great competition. There are twenty great clubs that can all surprise,” says Kerk in front of FOX Sports’ camera. “Whether clubs have reported? I have no idea. Not with me anyway. They don’t have my number. Maybe from my management, but they have to come to the club before they come to me.”

“It’s nice to read such things. I also see it as a compliment, but see how it goes,” says Kerk. “My preference? I don’t really have one. When something beautiful comes, you don’t say no. But that’s not the case, so I don’t have to think about it. For now I will stay in the Eredivisie. I can don’t dream if I read something like that. “

Erik Ten Hag, Kerk’s old trainer at FC Utrecht, is looking forward to a transfer to the Bundesliga. “He could. He has a good look at it, so it wouldn’t be wrong. But I prefer England.”


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