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Being loyal to your club can sometimes have serious consequences, a German Borussia Mönchengladbach fan recently noticed. He took part in a quiz at the ARD when a question came up about 1. FC Köln, Gladbach’s arch rival. The man refused to answer that question, and as a result, the man now faces a reward from his club and the main sponsor.
The quiz asked which club won the German second division title last year. After a short hesitation, the man decided not to answer the question, while of course he knew the correct answer. “No, I don’t pronounce that name”said the quiz candidate who refused to use the name FC Köln. This club wedding cost the man part of the prize money, a sacrifice he made with love.
Borussia Mönchengladbach can appreciate the fan’s loyalty to the club and is now looking for the man to reward him. “This exemplary behavior should be rewarded”, twitterde Mönchengladbach. “Dear candidate, please contact us. We and our main sponsor Flatex have something for you.”
In the end, the man won 2,500 euros in the quiz, but that could have turned out higher. “But as Mönchengladbacher I will never mention that name, for no money in the world”, according to the loyal fan, we read on

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