Foggia, the Municipality installs photo traps against the abandonment of waste


“Finally, we are ready to put in place the integrated project to raise awareness and combat the illegal spillage of waste in urban areas”. So the mayor of Foggia, Franco Landella, announces the start of the so-called photo traps, with a system capable of recognizing those who abandon waste of all kinds in unsuitable places. “With the collaboration of the Councilor for the Environment, Matteo De Martino, we have designed and implemented a system that would allow us to stem an odious phenomenon. In particular, this technology allows the recognition of the vehicles with which the transgressors arrive, both during the day and night thanks to an infrared system “.

The task of sanctioning any violators will be entrusted to the local police force through the use of numerous stealth cameras, located in the places where illegal and illegal spills of waste are most frequently recorded. The photo traps are made up of a case that makes them camouflaged and above all protects them from atmospheric events.

Inside there are a camera and a video camera, as well as an infrared laser invisible to the human eye, which allows the detection of the movement and the identification of the plates of the vehicles from which bags and waste are abandoned.

In the event of administrative infringements being detected, the local police will work to trace the offender’s personal data by verifying and checking the license plate of the vehicle concerned, checking the material that was abusively abandoned to find further evidence against the offender.

In the case of episodes from which elements of criminal relevance emerge, however, the local police will also send the documentation to the competent authorities.

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“Thanks to the manager and officials of the Environment and Technological Innovation office of the Municipality of Foggia, who have worked on an innovative project, photo traps are also a reality in our city – declares the councilor for the branch, Matteo De Martino – This is an important step forward in the fight against this type of illegal act which unfortunately affects many common areas, especially in the suburbs and in the countryside “.

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