Flanders must apply strategic stock mouth masks


Each residential care center must maintain a rolling stock of protective material for at least three months. Flanders must provide an additional emergency stock of three months. This is stated in the initial recommendations of the corona committee in the Flemish Parliament. The resolution is likely to be adopted by all parties during the day.

The wearing of protective equipment for patients at risk in elderly care should be mandatory, the Flemish parties state in the resolution. That is why the facilities must compile their own stock, with the Flemish stock as a backup. Local production capacity must also be provided, or the possibility of quickly building it up.

By August 21, each facility must have a roadmap ready to prepare for a second wave. The parties realize that they put a lot of pressure on the staff, so a social agreement must be reached quickly, with better wages and working conditions. The first improvements should take effect as early as 2021.

The text also asks to pay more attention to the mental well-being of the residents. There must be a minimum visiting arrangement in all circumstances, with always at least one regular visitor per resident. At the end of life it should be avoided that there is a restriction in contact with loved ones.

As for the testing strategy, it is important to ensure that staff are tested regularly. Especially when they come back from a trip.

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