Five young people throw paint at the statue of Juan Carlos I in the Campo del Moro gardens of the Royal Palace


The Civil Guard identified and denounced the perpetrators for a crime of damage and another for injuries when attacking the vigilantes. A girl who recorded the images was able to escape

Gardens of Campo del Moro in the Royal Palace of Madrid where the statue of Juan Carlos I is located

Several young people attacked the statue of Don Juan Carlos I located in the Campo del Moro gardens outside the Royal Palace and dependent on National Heritage last Saturday morning.

The vigilantes and the Civil Guard agents managed to retain the perpetrators, who came to confront and assault members of the security service of the compound. They have been charged with a crime of injury and another of damage.

A spokesman for National Heritage told EL MUNDO that the authors threw paint on the bronze statue and that same morning it was repaired by maintenance employees.

The events occurred first thing in the morning last Saturday. Several young people entered the gardens of Campo del Moro and went to the bronze statue of the monarch. They threw paint and one of them tried to write something on the pedestal while a girl recorded the action with a mobile phone.

However, the security guards quickly came out and managed to retain the youth. Two of them resisted forcefully and beat the guards, causing minor injuries, according to union sources. The same sources explain that the girl who recorded the images escaped. The five detained youths were reported by the Civil Guard for a crime of injury and a crime of lack of movable property (damage).

Union sources have pointed out that surveillance of Antonio Lpez’s portrait entitled The Royal Family, which is located in the Alabarderos hall of the Royal Palace, has also been reinforced to prevent attacks. National Patrimony denied this point and pointed out that the painting has no special surveillance.

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