Five reasons why Francis van Broekhuizen makes the final week of De Slimste Mens


In the winter series, journalist Marieke van de Zilver emerged as the winner, but women do not have it easy this season The smartest person. Seven female participants were killed in the first three weeks. Francis van Broekhuizen, however, turns out to be an outlier

5. Francis is a fan of Maarten

Francis makes no secret of her love for Maarten van Rossem. This does not benefit her with the adamant impartial jury member, but the dynamics between Broekhuizen and Van Rossem occasionally reach sitcom-worthy proportions. Francis already proposed to participate in quiz competitor with Maarten 2 for 12. Van Rossem is still in doubt, so Francis must remain in the game to convince her hero.

Francis provides the happy note

In one of her first episodes, the 45-year-old Rotterdam person described herself as ‘a kind of female AndrĂ© van Duin’. That comparison is more than correct: her face has the same rubber facial expression as the purebred comedian, and she has the talent to say things funny. Francis rarely gets boring, especially when she makes her impressive voice sound.

Francis is underestimated

Francis is an inimitable whirlwind full of fun, bites and craziness, which invariably puts her competition on the wrong track. They have not yet been laughed at for the umpteenth quip or she is already slapping you with the next correct answer. You are preserved where you are, but fortunately there was laughter.

2. Francis is intensely intimidating

Van Broekhuizen seems such an innocent, careless bastard, but she knows exactly what she is doing. This has already been shown several times in the final where she stares at her opponents with a piercing gaze when the other player has a turn. As a trained artist, she effortlessly uses her considerable stage presence as a trained artist to undermine the other person’s self-confidence.

1. Francis just knows a lot

Harassment, jokes, pranks and a golden throat are nice, but in the end it all turns out The smartest person about hard knowledge. In her five episodes, Francis shows that she has mastered a lot of facts. In her third episode, she surprised and frustrated her opponents by collecting all possible points in the opening round. Van Broekhuizen likes to read a lot and even listens to Maarten van Rossem’s digital lectures on the way. Her love for the moped bear thus still benefits!


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