five public areas will keep Tiberis company


There is not only the beach on the Tiber of Ponte Marconi. In addition to the 2020 edition of Tiberis, the Capitoline administration has also decided to focus on other public areas.

There is not only Tiberis

Spaces open and free to citizens, to face the summer in complete safety. And therefore in full respect of the social distancing necessary to avoid the infections of the new Coronavirus. On Thursday 10 July, a new measure came on the table of the Giunta Raggi. Inside there are the indications of the places, owned by the municipality, on which the Capitol decided to invest for the hot season.

The news

The act on which the Capitoline administration has decided to focus has been illustrated in today’s edition of La Repubblica. The article refers to five areas. In the VI Municipio, the area designated to host the Giunta Raggi initiative is located in the park of Canapiglie in Torre Maura. And it is not the only one expected in a peripheral area. There is also the Tiber Park in Magliana, which could keep Tiberis company. “There is this hypothesis – confirmed Mario Torelli, delegate of the mayor of the XI hall – now the feasibility is being verified”.

To the center Elsa Morante

In the IX Town Hall, in the Laurentino Fonte Ostiense district, the Capitol intends to invest the Elsa Morante cultural center with the new initiative. In 2019, despite the announcements, the center managed by Zetèma disappointed the residents who expected a summer arena to be hosted there. To compensate for the zero projections of last summer, deckchairs, chairs and tables could arrive in the garden of Elsa Morante.

In the parks

Areas designated to offer shelter to the Romans have also been identified in Town Hall XII, inside Villa Pamphilj, and in the urban regional park of Aguzzano, between Viale Kant and Viale del Casale di San Basilio, in Municipality IV. As regards this space, the 2020 summer arena has already been announced. A series of projections, under the stars and respecting social distancing, the result of a synergy activated between Aguzzano park and Aniene Valley park.

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For the Romans who stay in the city

In addition to Tiberis 2020, which will also host a dog area this year, residents will have the opportunity to enjoy the shade in five other city parks. It is a “solution strongly desired by the mayor in favor of the Roman families who will remain in the city” underlined the press offices of the Capitol confirming Romatoday the existence of this provision. The details are being defined. What is certain is that Tiberis’ experience, with rising temperatures, is bound to multiply.

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