First games 1A and 1B without spectators, Pro League calls: “Don’t come together” | Jupiler Pro League


The Pro League had several protocols ready for the competition start with a limited audience. The central idea was to have 800 fans in each stand, so that up to 3,000 supporters could take place in the stands at the competition start on August 7.

In addition to dividing the stadiums into different autonomous blocks, the Pro League elaborated the application of timeslots, the obligation of face masks and strict physical distance provisions to ensure that matches are played in safe conditions.

It was expected that from August 800 instead of 400 people could be present at outdoor events. However, as the coronavirus is gaining momentum, the National Security Council decided to halve the number of attendees at outdoor events, rather than double it. And so in principle only 200 fans can take place in the autonomous compartments.

The National Security Council did not comment on the plan, but did not object. But the final final judgment was still up to the local authorities, so the protocols for matching with a limited audience go into the fridge.

“The directors of the Pro League jointly decided to start the competition behind closed doors in order to ensure uniformity in the competition organization, to provide clarity to spectators and society and, above all, to ensure the health of everyone in and around football it sounds Tuesday.

The Pro League also called on all football fans to adhere to the corona measures.

“Together with all clubs, the Pro League also wants to appeal to all supporters to follow the matches in the current circumstances in the safety of the living room or the bubble and, above all, not to come together.”

“Only by following the measures as strictly as possible can we ensure the start of the football season, starting with the finals of this weekend that everyone has been looking forward to.”

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