First documentation: The scene of the incident on the border with Lebanon


a a A Two days after the security incident on the Lebanese border, a team of investigators from the UN UNIFIL force stationed in the country arrived at the scene and began investigating the incident.

In Israel, they claimed that Hezbollah terrorists had infiltrated Israeli territory, but the Lebanese terrorist organization denied it, and even threatened a response due to Israeli response fire.

The investigation will examine who these are the people the IDF fired at them, whether they were armed or not – and what means the IDF used to shoot them.

The investigation team will also investigate whether sovereignty was violated by any of the parties, Hezbollah, which infiltrated Israeli territory, or the IDF, which fired into Lebanese territory.

UNIFIL’s official Twitter account reported that “following the events near the ‘blue line’, an investigation has been opened to determine the facts and circumstances. The investigation is being carried out in parallel with the media conducted by the UNIFIL commander, Stefano de Cole, with both sides, with the aim of calming the situation, reducing the situation and preventing escalation. “

Photos of the team of investigators at the scene, is the first documentation from the scene of the incident. According to various reports, the IDF has video documentation confirming that the terrorists entered Israeli territory – but these have not yet been published.


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