The Fiorentina finds 1-1 at the last moment after a decidedly disappointing game againstHellas Verona. The Gialloblù defender is also warned Pharaohs for protests. The live of, we refer you to our pages for post-race interviews. A good evening to all!


97′ – Triple whistle from the referee: end here!

96′ – GOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!! GOOOLLL!!!! CUTRONE!!! The attacker receives in the penalty area a wonderful filter ball from the Church and draws the score on the last breath !!!! Sensational 1-1 at the Franks

93′ – Adjapong dangerous, after his team’s counterattack, but Dragowski blocks the attacker’s attempt

92′ – Chiesa, by force, tries to enter the penalty area of ​​Verona but is stopped by Amrabat. Final phase in attack for Fiorentina

90′ – The race director communicates 5 minutes of recovery

88′ – Castrovilli close to a draw! The midfielder frees himself with a number in the penalty area and starts a shot just wide

87′ – Stepinski is cautioned for an irregular touch from behind on Pulgar

87′ – Launch for Adjapong, who tries to shoot but the ball ends up to the side

86′ – Chiesa stubbornly retrieves a ball, serves Pulgar who in turn unloads on Dalbert: cross from the Brazilian who heads Castrovilli, but the conclusion ends once again high

84′ – Veloso touches the doubling with left-handed from the edge of the area

81′ – Goal canceled at Verona! Stepinski had received in the penalty area and, after a first shot replied by Dragowski, the Polish goalkeeper was pierced: both the position was evaluated offside

80′ – Offensive change for Fiorentina: Iachini replaces Lirola for Vlahovic

79′ – Corner cross from Pulgar: Kouamé heads the ball but the ball goes high

78′ – Kumbulla is replaced by the former purple Empereur

77′ – Kumbulla collapses on the ground for muscle discomfort: game stopped

75′ – Pulgar’s corner kick to find Silvestri’s fists

73′ – Bad entry by Pharaohs on Kouamé, the referee does not draw the yellow card

72′ – Verre’s cross who almost doesn’t find Adjapong, free

70′ – Second cooling break of the game

68′ – While Castrovilli temporarily leaves the field for muscle problems, Verona replaces Di Marco and Di Carmine with Adjapong and Stepinski

67′ – Fiorentina dangerous with Cutrone who receives the cross from Lirola and tries to deflect the goal into the goal, but raising a strange dove

65′ – Attack Verona: cross in the middle, Dalbert stops and leans on Dragowski, in the grip

63′ – Dalbert centers on the edge of the area and unloads a decidedly high right

62′ – Delayed speech by Di Marco on Milenkovic: yellow for the Serbian defender

60′ – Percussion church, Pharaohs touches in the corner

59′ – Fiorentina tries to attack: cross in the middle of Cutrone who finds no one

57′ – Verona replaces Pessina and Lazovic with Zaccagni and Verre

56′ – The VAR does not intervene, the referee decides to let play

55′ – Attention there are protests in the penalty area of ​​Verona for an alleged touch of Pessina’s hand

54′ – Now Fiorentina try to attack with Castrovilli in offensive percussion: the number 8 tries the cross, intercepted by Amrabat

52′ – Pezzella tries to retort a treacherous ball but it turns and the ball ends up at Di Carmine

50′ – Igor is cautioned for a bad foul committed in midfield on Pessina

49′ – Kouamé attacked with Rrhamani, a duel of strength

48′ – Amrabat’s offensive sprint that takes the whole field and is then stopped by Milenkovic. Great shot, however, of the Hellas midfielder

47′ – Interesting cross by Dalbert, rejected in the corner by the defense of Verona

46′ – He looked for Chiesa on the Lirola belt, but the purple striker commits a foul

45′ – Let’s start once again! For Fiorentina, Chiesa and Cutrone enter instead of Sottil and Ribery


47′ – The first part of the race ends. An ugly Fiorentina is under 1-0 against a Verona owner of the game

46′ – Verona almost doubles! Amrabat receives lily in the penalty area and places it in the corner: Dragowski is ready

45′ – Referee Chiffi concedes 2 minutes of added time

44′ – Ribery in the narrow volley in the Verona area for Sottil who is stopped in the corner

43′ – Another mistake, this time by Ribery looking for Kouamé without finding him. The purples seem not to be found

40′ – Verona under pressure in the half-field lily: Amrabat orchestra marvelously

37′ – Bad Lirola on the wing at speed: Veloso keeps him at bay without too many problems

36′ – Another conclusion, this time by Castrovilli who receives the bank of Kouamé: ball still high

34′ – Fiorentina’s first shot with Kouamé, who from outside the area charges the right: the shot ends above the crossbar

33′ – Sottil in speed tries to put pressure and blow the ball in Kumbulla, but commits a foul

32′ – Cross by Igor for Kouamé: bad control of the Ivorian who gains a throw-in

31′ – Di Marco enters the penalty area of ​​Fiorentina and tries the cross, which is rejected in the corner by Castrovilli

29′ – Veil of Kouamé to look for Sottil who, however, does not understand the intentions of his companion

27′ – Yellow for Pulgar after a foul committed in midfield on Pessina, meanwhile the first cooling break is called

26′ – Left of Dalbert who finds the defense of Verona and then Silvestri’s gloves

25′ – Ribery wins a free kick from an advanced position. Dalbert and Pulgar are on the ball

23′ – Castrovilli in offensive percussion seeks Sottil: the passage is however too far back. A lot of inaccuracy today for the purple team

22′ – Dragowski from the door throws Kouamé again, but the attacker commits another foul on Gunter

20′ – Another action wasted by Fiorentina! Ribery launches Dalbert who starts a low cross on the wing in search of Sottil but the trajectory is completely wrong

18 ‘- GOAL OF VERONA! The opponents take the lead 1-0 with Pharaohs, who scores in half overturned after the soft kiss to kiss served by Amrabat, who – remember – next year will wear the purple shirt

16′ – Action wasted by Fiorentina, with Kouamé on the counterattack who unloads on Ribery who, on the edge of the opponent’s area, tries the hole again for Kouamé but the ball does not filter

15′ – Exchange between Pessina and Lazovic at the edge of the Fiorentina area: Milenkovic intercepts in a corner

13′ – Raise of Dragowski to look again for Kouamé who, however, commits a foul on the opponent

12′ – Lirola from the lateral foul looks for Kouamé who hits the head hoping to find a partner behind him, but nothing

11′ – More Hellas Verona than Fiorentina at the moment. The most dangerous ideas came from the Juric team

10′ – Veloso has a ball filtered for Pessina who unloads the cross that was defeated by the defense: corner for Verona

9′ – Sottil was fouled in midfield after a pass by Lirola. It starts from punishment

6′ – Again Di Carmine with a purple turn scares the defense of Iachini: ball in the corner

5′ – Free kick for Verona, for a foul by Pezzella on Di Carmine who had tried to control

4′ – Pessina in the penalty area of ​​Fiorentina tries a cross: Pezzella makes the wall, the opponents ask for a touch but the referee lets it go

3′ – Verona sets up on defense and tries to throw Di Carmine, foul sideways

1′ – Verona immediately offensive, try the hole with Lazovic in the lily area: ball rejected by the defense

0′ – It begins! Viola holding ball


19:28 – And Fiorentina also appears at the wheel, with a purple shirt and shorts

19:27 – Here comes the Hellas Verona, in white away uniform

19:24 – Waiting for the teams to enter the field, Fiorentina’s hymn resounds within the walls of the Franks

19:20 – These are the official match formations. For the purple surprises Kouame e Sottil in attack:

FIORENTINA (3-4-3): Dragowski; Milenkovic, Pezzella, Igor; Lirola, Pulgar, Castrovilli, Dalbert; Sottil, Kouamè, Ribery

VERONA (4-4-2): Silvestri; Rrahmani, Gunter, Kumbulla, Dimarco; Pharaoh, Amrabat, Veloso, Lazovic; Pessina, Di Carmine

19:15 – Greetings to the readers of and welcome to the direct text of the challenge valid for the thirty-second day of Serie A, Fiorentina-Hellas Verona



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