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Finns present their charming playhouses – like real homes: “Mother’s hiding place became” – Housing


Finnish interior designers present their lovely playhouses.

Playhouses are usually built for children, but many Finnish interior designers have also thought about the future when building playhouses – as the children grow up, the cute and stylish cottages serve adults as summer rooms or sleeping quarters.

The stories behind the cottages are surprising – one cottage was found on Facebook’s Roskalava group, another cottage became a mother’s hideaway and one cottage was built exclusively for boys.

We asked Finnish interior designers to present their personal playhouses.

“Pink was chosen as the color of the daughter’s wish”

There is a lively pink playhouse on Hiirijärvi in ​​Harjavalta Eve used by a three-year-old daughter. The playhouse was bought old and renovated by itself.

– Pink was chosen as the color of the daughter’s wish. A lot of items found at home were utilized in the interior. The best thing about a playhouse is the versatility of the cabin – when you get tired after playing, you can take a nap or read fairy tales in the cabin, Eeva says.

The other’s rubbish was a treasure

Marin The children’s playhouse is located in Vihtijärvi in ​​Uusimaa.

– We had promised the children their own playhouse in the yard of the new home. I noticed a notice of a playhouse being given away from the Facebook Roskalava group. We decided to apply for a cottage for us, as it was located right next to our home, Mari says.

The cottage was carefully renovated – the roof was renewed and the area of ​​the cottage was increased. At the same time, electricity and windows that could be opened were also placed there.

Kiosk games are especially popular with children – delicacies can be sold to customers from the window. Old markka coins serve as play money.

“The attic roof of the cottage is really made by art”

Johanna the magnificent mansard-roofed playhouse in Vimpel in the courtyard is for four years old Elligirl in heavy use. The cottage is happy to be introduced to grandparents and is often drawn there.

The playhouse was acquired a couple of summers ago.

– Initially, we were looking for a more modern playhouse, but when this masterpiece came across the Facebook Marketplace, modern cottage dreams remained. The cottage is professionally made by a man from Kokkola who installs tin roofs, so the attic roof of the cottage is really made. The cottage was painted inside and out to suit the colors of the house, and it now decorates the entire yard, Johanna says.

“Playhouses are not just for girls”

Laihia kind Maijan 5- and 9-year-old boys play in a playhouse in the backyard of the home. The blue and clear playhouse is designed by Maija herself.

– A playhouse of a suitable size and look could not be found ready, so I drew the cottage myself. My husband and my sister’s husband built the cottage in early June. The cottage is about five square feet, but the height and loft bring a lot of extra space. Even an adult can sleep in the loft, Maija says.

The boys have been able to choose the interior colors of the cottage themselves. The ceiling and walls are painted white, the floor black. The furniture is also approved for children, who think the best thing about the playhouse is the loft. The loft has already had time to stay this summer.

– Playhouses are not just a girls thing. I hope someone is excited to build playhouses for the boys as well, Maija hopes.

The playhouse became the most important for the mother

A playhouse for a family living in the metropolitan area was built this spring. Housewarming parties have already been held in the playhouse, but a little surprisingly, it has become the most important place for the mother of the family.

– We built a cottage for the kids. They do feel comfortable in the cottage, but less than we originally thought. So I use the cottage a lot myself. I often go there for breakfast or coffee, either alone or with the kids. I listen to music and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, says the mother of 12- and 3-year-olds.

The playhouse was built without previous experience – and it is not noticed

A playhouse called Villa Valeria was built for Päijät-Hämeen at the request of the children of a family of five. Interior photos from the cottage can be followed from Instagram from the account @villaveranda_cottage.

The playhouse was built by himself, as there was no suitable market for his own style and yard. The father of the family had no previous construction experience, but it is not noticeable in the end result. The cottage was deliberately designed to be a little bigger, so that even an adult can stand in the playhouse and when the children grow up, the cottage can be turned into a sleeping fence, for example.

The three daughters in the family think the best thing about the playhouse is the opening shutters that allow for cafe games.

“It’s a joy to be in the cottage for years to come”

Jasmine two-year-old daughter Kiira plays in a cute playhouse in Kauhava. The story of the cottage is just beginning, as the cottage is ready for finishing. The cottage was built by the girl’s grandfather. Jasmiina’s mother has photographed the cottage to be completed on her Instagram account @almantuva.

– The cottage has an old door and floorboards removed from our own home. The best thing about the cottage is that the adult can fit in without bending in the door and because of its size, the cottage will be a joy for many years to come, Jasmiina says.

“Joint continuous interior design project of mother and daughters”

Jenna the family’s playhouse is located in central Finland. The cottage is used by the family’s 3- and 5-year-old daughters, who wanted a playhouse in the yard of the new home. That model also pleased the eyes of the parents. Dad and Dad assembled the finished parts of the playhouse.

– The playhouse is a joint interior design project of the mother and daughters. Although the cottage has only been in use for a month, it has already provided many good home and cafe games. As the girls grow up, there will certainly be many summer nights as well, Jenna’s mother thinks.

“I used a picture from a Danish magazine as inspiration”

Children use the playhouse of a Helsinki family Alva, Lotta and Wine.

– My husband and our friends built the cottage themselves from start to finish. I saw a picture of a similar cottage in a Danish interior design magazine and took the picture. When the idea for the playhouse came, we used the magazine’s image as inspiration. The cottage was born almost similar, the mother of the family Niina says.

Thanks to the sales counter and door, children are happy to play in the shop or ice cream kiosks with children in the neighborhood.

“Children playing with the reduction in I rejoiced own little cottage”

The playhouse in Ylöjärvi has become more available to the mother of the family since the daughter grew up. The cottage is built by a man.

– The cottage was completed a few years ago. The best thing about the cottage has been the children’s games. As they have diminished, I am glad that the playhouse has become my own little cottage. The cottage will be read and drank coffee, the mother of the family Sarita says.

Photos: Interviewees’ home albums and Instagram accounts

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