‘Finger in the Eye’ by Shlomo Qarei • Shas and Torah Judaism “Strengthen Zohar”


there is no prophet in his city: The Shas faction announced at noon (Wednesday) that it is strengthening the coalition’s chairman, MK Miki Zohar – following the attempt within the Likud to oust him.

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Members of the Shas faction in the Knesset strengthen the chairman of the coalition and the chairman of the Likud faction, MK Miki Zohar – who is doing important work in the Knesset for the stabilization of the coalition and the general public.

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“We work in coordination and harmony and will continue to work together to promote laws that are important to the general public in Israel.”

Later, Torah Judaism also issued a similar statement:

The Torah Judaism faction strengthens the hands of coalition chairman MK Miki Zohar. Along with the fact that it is not our custom to interfere in what is happening within other factions, we emphasize that we work in constant cooperation for the benefit of all Israeli citizens. At this time, action must be taken to strengthen the ranks of the coalition and bring about its stability. ”

Yesterday, MK Shlomo Qara led a dismissal move against the faction’s chairman – and was a complete failure.

Qarai, who was among those punished by the Likud faction after violating discipline last Wednesday, when he was absent from the vote on the law that caused a rift with the ultra-Orthodox, sought revenge.

But then the prime minister intervened, talked to Qara, and demanded that he stop collecting signatures and said that the move was inappropriate.

Netanyahu also tweeted: “Without discipline, the Likud cannot govern, especially not during the corona crisis. I said yesterday at the faction meeting that I would back coalition chairman Mickey Zohar in disciplinary action he would take. I ask all Likud members to show responsibility, to be careful to maintain factional discipline and to stop unnecessary attacks within the faction. ”

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