Final Fantasy 14 may be coming to Xbox soon


  Would it still happen?  The mmorpg Final Fantasy 14 is currently only playable on PlayStation and PC, but the Xbox may still be added.

</p><div>It has been said before that the game could make the switch to Xbox, but it has never worked out until now.  Producer Naoki Yoshida explains in an interview with Game Watch that they have been negotiating with Microsoft for a long time.</div><div>Yoshida has been talking to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, for 3.5 years.  "Phil visits Square Enix every six months and we also email often. When we first spoke to each other, Xbox's cross-platform policy was still very strict," said Yoshida.  "They still wanted to keep the players within the platform. But we both shared the idea that consoles are just a resource, and that it's important to grow the community and listen to what they want."<p>"This was the beginning of our dialogue. Since then, we have been talking regularly. Phil has also changed the rules within Xbox so that FFXIV can become a reality, to help us make our job easier."  Players may be able to expect an announcement soon.  "If there are any new developments soon, we will tell you all about it."

Yoshida emphasizes that the relationship with Sony is still very good. “We are very grateful to SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment). They helped us with the old FFXIV, the PS3 version, and they still support us. All partners are precious to us.”

Final Fantasy 14 is still supported with new content. The next patch, Reflections in Crystal, will be released on August 11.

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