Figure skater Sotskova spoke about how athletes live after retirement


Former Russian figure skater Maria Sotskova admitted that her life was not easy given after completing her professional career.

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“It’s hard. First you have everything you dream of so much, and then the looks of admiration change to pity. There is nothing more terrible for a strong personality than pity. Not a day passed that I did not recall the cries of the stands, myself on a pedestal and on ice, realizing that it had gone irrevocably, now it is only in my head. It is not an exaggeration when athletes say that they have devoted their whole lives to sports. Perhaps this is even a little less than it really is, ”Sotskova wrote on Instagram.

Also, the skater told what complexes athletes have to live with.

For people not from sports, we are crazy, it’s hard to understand us. From the outside, we are successful, healthy, beautiful and slim. But not for ourselves. We see ourselves under the prism of what we have been taught all our life – fat, lazy, not capable of anything, not having achieved anything.I have lived my whole life in sports with a clear understanding that everyone around me is investing so much time and energy, and I I never live up to their hopes, always not good enough. I always apologized to my relatives, coaches and spectators, I was always ashamed of myself, ”added the former skater.

Earlier it was reported what the skaters do in the offseason.

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