Fiber hemp company Dun Agro wants to expand, but has to be patient


There is only a small problem. Dun’s company is located exactly on the border of the municipalities of Pekela and Oldambt. Pekela would like to cooperate, Oldambt is still in the way. Owner Albert Dun therefore has to be patient.

Expansion needed

Dun Agro is a company that specializes in growing industrial hemp. With this, homes can be built. But the company has grown over the years and therefore needs to expand.

Dun: ‘We really need those pilots. It is even the case that I have to rent space in an industrial area, because we have too few options here. The site just got too small. ”

If this continues, I better move the company abroad

Albert Dun – Owner Dun Agro

Box to the wall

And so Dun wants to expand. Pekela is happy with that, with Oldambt things are not going as smoothly. Dun: ‘The municipality of Oldambt changed the destination of my land in 2013, without informing me. Then the municipality says that it was in the municipal newspaper De Oldambtster, but I live on the side of Pekela. I don’t get that newspaper at all. ”

The entrepreneur’s patience is running out. “Talks about enlargement started in February last year. One municipality says A, the other B. I am really sent from box to wall. ”

Dun continues: ‘It is not necessarily unwillingness, it is mainly unclear. But if this continues, I better move the company abroad. My company is located in remote area, it is an excellent location and no one is bothered by it. This is awesome.’

Pekela positive

Alderman Gert Engelkens of the municipality of Oldambt has little text and only wants to say that ‘good conversations are going on’. Pekelder mayor Jaap Kuin is a lot more talkative.

He is positive: ‘I assume that this will just work out, it is only difficult because you are working with two municipalities. But the expansion is an extension of the company, so you can continue to build according to provincial rules. Oldambt officials are now receiving help from Pekela to pull this off. In principle, it will just work. ”

Kuin expects that there will be clarity for Dun within a few weeks. “And that is necessary, because working with two municipalities is hopeless for an entrepreneur,” says Kuin.

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