Feyenoord U21 has to cancel the exhibition game: Belgians drop out for ‘medical reasons’


The coronavirus has turned the preparation of Feyenoord O21 upside down. The new promises team of the stadium club would actually compete against the peers of Cercle Brugge on Saturday, but that exhibition game has been canceled.

The number of infections in Belgium has increased again recently, and professional football players cannot escape the corona virus either. Racing Genk goalkeeper Maarten Vandevoordt, for example, recently took a positive test, just after he had participated in a practice match against FC Utrecht. The Cercle Brugge promises have decided to withdraw for the meeting with Feyenoord U21: the team that has to promote to the Second Division next season, will finish a training instead.
The other exhibition games of the Feyenoord teams will continue as usual. The main force – which started training this week – will only come into action on Sunday 9 August. City-mate Sparta is the opponent during the first exhibition game of the season.


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