Ferrari, Vettel: ‘I won’t make life easy for Leclerc’


The German’s pride: “Binotto’s phone call to tell me it was over surprised me, there was never an offer on the table. I always work for the team, but it’s also an individual sport. ” Charles: “Let’s wait for evidence to say we’re back”

“I am a Ferrari driver and we run for the needs of the team. But this is also a sport in which you look at your result and it’s not that I will make life easy for Charles just because I have a contract expiring ”. Sebastian Vettel’s pride immediately showed up at the first press conference of the season.


The German made it clear that although this is the last season with Ferrari, he does not intend to be a spectator: “I have always tried to integrate into the teams and it also applies to Ferrari, you want to fight for personal success but you are in a team . At this moment we can’t talk about team orders, we don’t know what season we will have and how competitive we will be. But if the situation arises and it makes sense, the riders are expected to help each other. What is certain is that they run for themselves and I will not make life easy for Charles just because I am outgoing. “

No negotiation

Certainly not accommodating words and the German has also gone up on the end of the story with Ferrari, which had been defined as shared. Not exactly: “It was a surprise for me when I received the call from Mattia (Binotto; editor’s note) when he told me that the team no longer intended to continue with me. We have never had discussions, there has never been an offer on the table. Now I want to make sure I make the right decision for myself and my future, I think I have a very competitive nature, I have achieved a lot in sports, I am motivated and willing to get more. To do this I need the right package and the right people around me, so that’s what I’m looking for at the moment, if the right opportunity presents itself, otherwise I’ll look for something else ”.


Then Seb explained the decisive change of course taken by the team, which will present an important aerodynamic update from Hungary: “After the tests it was clear that we were not where we wanted, the last few months have been shocking also for the preparation, everyone in the factory has worked on the update that will arrive in Hungary. Let’s see where we are and we’ll regulate ourselves, we don’t know how long the season will be if there will be 8 races or more, we will do our best to take advantage of the car right away, a lot of work has been done in the factory “.

Leclerc: hard season

Charles Leclerc confirms: “After the tests we knew we did not have much pace in qualifying – said the Monegasque – then there was the closure and with the reopening we looked at the data and decided to take a step back to work on the cause of these limits. So we are at this point, we have looked for a different way to Budapest. I think it will be a busy season, not an easy one but there are many question marks and we have to see the qualifications to be sure we are really behind “.

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