Felt phrases against southerners, Agcom distrusts Mediaset. The reporter: “I was referring to the economic situation, it was not an attack”


On the offensive sentences of Vittorio Feltri against the southerners now intervenesAGCOM. The Authority has entrusted Mediaset for the words spoken by the journalist during the transmission of Rete 4 Out of the core (“Southerners are lower”) on April 21st. The council of the authority responsible for communications, explains a note, “ascertained the violation of the regulation to combat hate speech”. In particular, Agcom “found that the transmission operator, Mario Giordano, has not adequately dissociated itself from the statements of felts regarding the ‘southerners’ and, taking into account the repetitiveness and severity of all the episodes already contested by the issuer for the same transmission “, he warned the issuer” not to repeat the contested conduct “.

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But Vittorio Feltri defends himself: “‘When I declared that, not in all but in many cases, southerners are inferior – he explains – I was evidently referring to their underdevelopment situation, to their difficult situation from a social point of view. that there are full of mafias, ‘ndrangheta, of the Sacra Corona united, of camorre. Not only that, but also from the point of view of individual income in the South there is 50% of the income of the northerners and of the Milanese in particular. is the offense. ”

A few days ago Feltri resigned from the Order of Journalists, claiming to be “tired of being massacred for some expressions” and being “tried for some titles”.Senator of the Senate comments on the Agcom decision Mixed group, Sandro Rutolo. “Our concerns – he says – are mine and Maurizio De Giovanni, which we had glimpsed of racism and hate speech by Felts, have been confirmed by the Agcom which condemned Mediaset and we are more than satisfied “.

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