Felipe VI calls for “deep unity” and “solidarity” between territories in the face of the coronavirus crisis


Saturday, July 25, 2020 – 1:08 PM

The King warns that Spain is not alone because the European Union “covers a stage in which there is no room for fragmentation”

The King greets, in the presence of the Queen, this Saturday, upon arrival at the church of San Martio Pinario, in Santiago de Compostela.

The King has stated this Saturday in Santiago de Compostela that the coronavirus pandemic has led the country to a “crossroads”, like others that lived in the past, which require acting from “a deep unity in shared values” and with “solidarity “between the people and territories of Spain.

Felipe VI and Queen Letizia have presided over the traditional offering to the Apostle Santiago in the church of San Martio Pinario, as part of their visit to the Galician capital, as part of their tour of the autonomous communities to express their support for the scenario of uncertainty that the health crisis has left.

“The Jacobean exploit teaches us that it is the ideas of fraternity and unity that best germinate in the spirit of the peoples, moving them towards great achievements,” said the head of state.

That achievement, he continued, today consists of being able to “lessen the impact of the crisis, without diminishing the solidarity between people and territories that the Spanish consecrate in the Constitution.”

“The search for the common good”

“We must face the social and economic consequences of the pandemic, which require a deep unity around our shared values ​​and a firm commitment to the search for the common good,” added the monarch, after recalling that Spain had already faced in the past to “crossroads”.

In Don Felipe’s opinion, the last proof of solidarity was given during the state of alarm decreed by the crisis, when Spain “acted in unison” and the citizens, “geographically distant, felt united in a common cause, in a shared struggle “

Queen Letizia greets in the presence of Felipe VI and the President of the Xunta, Alberto N
Queen Letizia greets in the presence of Felipe VI and the President of the Xunta, Alberto Nez Feijo (first, on the right), this Saturday, in Santiago de Compostela.EFE

As already emphasized in the tribute to the victims of the Covid-19 on July 16 at the Royal Palace, the King considered it essential to act “incessantly” in the spirit of “harmony and understanding” to reaffirm “the deepest meaning of community. ” Faced with the outbreaks that spread throughout the country, Felipe VI has urged to remain “diligent and prudent”.

He has recognized that the dilemmas that the pandemic has generated are “enormous and affect not only health or the economy, but also people’s confidence in the future.” Faced with this scenario of uncertainty, Felipe VI has stressed that “nothing better than evoking the Apostle”, given that his memory achieved that “a land considered the end of the world became the beginning of the unity of Spain and Europe.”

The European challenge

In this collective cause, he stressed that “the vocation and duty of the Crown is to be a meeting point that allows us to walk the path together in freedom and freedom” of history. For Don Felipe, Spain is not alone in the fight against the crisis, but has the EU, which “today covers a momentous stage in which there is no room for fragmentation.”

The European challenge, he added, is to safeguard democratic values ​​and consolidate the shared project with solidarity measures that allow progress with greater security and solidity.

It is the second time that the kings preside over the veneration of the Apostle on Galicia, after they did so in 2014, a few weeks after the arrival to the throne of Felipe VI.

The Kings have been accompanied by the acting President of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Nez Feijo; that of the Constitutional Court, Juan Jos Gonzlez Rivas; and the third vice president and minister for economic affairs, Nadia Calvio.

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