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Favorite rapper bought a rare 8,000-euro luxury bag for his 2-year-old child – a showy video made fans settle with rage – Entertainment


Rapper couple Cardi B and Offset pamper their 2-year-old daughter with things that other peers can’t even dream of.

Luxury is notoriously an integral part of the lifestyle of American rappers, but now rap artist Offset, i.e. Kiari Kendrell Cephus seems to have taken the money rush to a whole new level.

A top popular artist Cardi B:n Offset, known as his wife, recently released an Instagram video showing him handing over a couple to a two-year-old Culturedaughter’s birthday present. The orange box reveals a genuine pink Hermès Birkin handbag.

That luxury bag is priced at 8,000 euros. The same bag has been seen swaying by many world stars, such as Kylie Jennerin and Jennifer Lopezin arm.

– Better late than never, the rapper writes his video as cover words.

The handbag is a kind of collectible rarity in fashion circles, and it is far from always available: for your own Birkin, you have to wait your turn on a separate waiting list. Each bag is handmade.

The value of Hermès Birkin bags has increased by 500 percent in the last 35 years, he says Vogue. The most expensive pieces have been sold for hundreds of thousands of euros.

Some of Offset’s fans praised him as the best father of all time, but most of the comments that appeared below the video spoke of rage. Many thought the gift was completely unreasonable for a small toddler.

– This does not teach him anything of value or morality.

– Waste of money. He has no idea what that bag is and immediately dropped it on the ground. Give your child something right.

– Nice, but he must have been waiting to get a toy.

– He’ll never carry that bag. That bag was acquired only to please the father and for the release of such a video. Let the children be children.

Kulture’s mother Cardi B has the same bag in turquoise.

It is clear from the parents’ Instagram publications that in addition to the lavish celebrations, the 2-year-old Kulture received a pink mini car as a gift, which is also an expensive gift.

Cardi B is one of the best known and best earning rappers in the world. He is also married to Offset, also known as a rapper. Offset is known as a member of the successful rap trio Migos.

Rapper Cardi B and his rapper husband Offset attracted attention on the red carpet of the Grammy Gala preview.

The family lives in Atlanta, where the couple recently bought a lavish mansion.

The couple said at the time that they would have originally wanted to build a new house for themselves, but found it too awkward with their 1-year-old child. So the couple bought a large house with its own wine cellar, “male cave” and its own shooting range, among other things.

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