Farmer finds “by accident” artificial leg that lost skydiver …


Chris Marckres lost both legs after complications from diabetes.

Photo: Facebook / Chis Marckres

In Vermont, a man lost his prosthetic leg during a parachute jump. Thanks to a search via Facebook and a helpful farmer, the man found his artificial leg.

“I think the adrenaline was so high that I didn’t notice I lost my leg,” 47-year-old Chris Marckres tells local media. Recently the man made his very first parachute jump. But when he landed, he realized something was missing. He lost one of his artificial legs during his flight.

Marckres, who lost both legs due to complications from diabetes, soon realized the seriousness of the matter. The prosthesis was barely two months old and had cost him $ 20,000, or about $ 17,000. The insurance company might not intervene and coughing up that amount is not easy. If the prosthesis was broken or not found, it would mean that it would once again depend on a wheelchair.

Marckres decided to ask for help via Facebook: whether people from the region could keep their eyes open for the leg. But Marckres was not really optimistic. Still, the message was shared dozens of times, and hundreds of people searched. They went into the fields on foot, by bicycle or even with motorcycles. A woman who trains rescue dogs even went to work with her sniffer dogs. “Heartwarming,” said Marckres. “It kind of restores your confidence in humanity. That there are still so many good people in the world who are willing to help a complete stranger. ”

Farmer finds “by accident” artificial leg that skydiver lost during jump

The artificial leg was found completely intact.

Photo: Facebook / Chis Marckres


Barely a day later, Marckres received good news: one Joseph, a local farmer who had seen the message pass by, had found the prosthesis on a 110-hectare soybean field. And oddly enough, it was still perfectly intact.

The farmer had used his drone until the battery was empty and then walked around in the tall grass and soybeans for another three hours, until it got dark. He had actually given up, but as he walked back to his truck, he bumped into the dark gray prosthesis. “Just a coincidence,” he says.

Marckres thinks otherwise and absolutely wanted to thank the farmer: he gave the farmer a parachute jump as a gift after he refused to accept money. They now plan to do that jump together. “I had to discuss with him to give him something, but there just aren’t enough words to thank him.”


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