Farewell to Vittoria today at the Crespignaga sports field, remembering her indelible smile and her sweet voice


Almost two hours of contemplation and remembrance at the sports field of Crespignaga, where Vittoria De Paoli’s funeral took place this evening, between 18 and 20, Wednesday 1 July, the 14-year-old who left in deep condolence not only relatives and friends, but an entire community.

Between tears and looks, rather than hugs, given the health precautions adopted by the organization of the celebration, about five hundred occupants of the seats and as many presences standing, inside and beyond the fences, all spaced and with a mask, to greet the young life, which like the balloons prepared by friends with selfies and photographs from the first year of high school, flew away that fateful Saturday night.

Mass was thus celebrated outdoors, with the presence of all those symbols that represented Vittoria and her passions. A horse to remember the sport in which he engaged, the parish choir of Crespignaga to accompany the mass and many, many looks of love and tenderness towards the young woman and her inevitable smile, in addition to a vibrant and deep voice, hers, which reminded everyone present how much Vittoria was talented in singing and acting. And then the quotes of the companions, who in front of the family, one at a time, shared a sincere suffering but also a hope that lies in the memory.

A man never dies as long as there is someone who remembers him – some friends quote heartily, perhaps resuming his studies on Ugo Foscolo, and during the mass don Carlo Velludo, supported by the parish priests of the nearby hamlets, they take up a message of hope and invite family and friends to comfort themselves in faith or in any case in the hope of remembrance. To recite the homily, don Fabio Bertuola, who had christened Vittoria in 2016, following his spontaneous request.

Although Vittoria had become, thanks to her spontaneity in acting, a baby star, the story of her classmates had episodes of everyday life as a subject, in which Vittoria’s character was however special and admirable: recreations spent “asking everyone for food”, adventures with friends at school camps, affectionate nicknames and friendships that blossomed during the first year of high school.

As a whole of the people who remembered, cried and said goodbye to Vittoria this afternoon, no borders were noted, neither between the hamlets of the town of Maser, nor between one municipality and another: present, close to the family, in addition to Mayor Claudia Benedos and to the vice mayor Marco Sartor, also the mayor of Montebelluna Marzio Favero, who declared his condolences in the name of the city where Vittoria went to school, the classical high school Levi, also represented by many, many friends and classmates, as well as some teachers.

The organization of the celebration that accompanied the funeral rite was not easy for the Municipality of Maser, which had to take into account the number of attendees and the availability of spaces: the prefect’s go-ahead Maria Rosaria Laganà he arrived a few days ago, taking into account the importance of the celebration and the great need of the community to best greet little Vittoria.

The civil protection of Maser, the local Asolana and Piedmont foothills and the majority of the voluntary associations and parish groups of the country, including many young people, who also provided bottles of water to those who, under the setting sun and in the summer heat, they felt the need.

With the vivid memory of the smile of little Vittoria during the celebration, a community was embraced, even if at a safe distance, who in memory, who in hope, who in prayer, and when the balloons flew to heaven, many raised their heads, in silence for a few minutes, to see how high and how far if they left.

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